5 Highly Anticipated Films To See This December

5 Highly Anticipated Films To See This December


From Spider Man: No Way Home to The Matrix Resurrections, these December films will surely complete your Christmas season

Let’s be honest, ever since the pandemic started, it’s been harder to keep track of all the films being released, even if they are making a huge buzz all over the internet. One of the probable reason would be for the most part of the last two years the cinemas are closed, and not everyone has access to international films aside from those being released in popular streaming sites.

However, this end of the year, we are looking forward to a more hopeful future with as the Covid virus cases are becoming less each day if we keep this hard work and self-discipline up by following the standard health protocols, our public spaces will continue to open up again like our beloved cinemas.

Since it’s highly likely that this Christmas season, movie-watching will be one of the things friends and family could do together this season whether in a theater or at home. So, to help you plan ahead on what to watch, here are some of the highly-anticipated films this December.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Release date: December 17

This film has been hyped every since its announcement, the rumored cast turned true, and the leaks from the film. Now, the highly anticipated film will be internationally released tomorrow. In this supposedly third and final film, Tom Holland suits up for his third solo joint as Peter Parker, who seeks help from Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to somehow make his not-so-secret identity a secret again, and when the latter’s attempt to do so goes awry, Spidey finds himself squaring off against villains from other universes.

The Matrix Resurrections

Release date: December 22

More than 18 years after its previous installment, and Keanu Reeves most-defining career role, people are still eager to see Neo and his pals reunite, and beat up the evil computer-generated men in black.

Don’t Look Up

Release date: December 10 in theaters, December 24 on Netflix 

Don’t Look Up, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as a pair of astronomers who discover a comet headed straight for Earth and attempt to warn the world, only to be met with varying degrees of incompetence or indifference. This star-studded film will hit the silver screens harder than the comet with names like Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, and Cate Blanchett on the marquee, it deserves to be on this list due to its cast alone.

The King’s Man

Release date: December 22

Matthew Vaughn have taken the Kingsman franchise back to its beginnings here, as Ralph Fiennes’ early 20th century spy and his man in training (Harris Dickinson) attempt to prevent a cabal of evildoers from killing millions of people.

West Side Story

In theaters on December 10

West Side Story was the first Broadway musical of the broadway legend, Stephen Sondheim, wrote. Now, it also becomes the first musical film of Steven Spielberg’s career. West Side Story is a story of love at first sight when young Tony spots Maria at a high school dance in 1957 New York City. Their burgeoning romance helps to fuel the fire between the warring Jets and Sharks, which are two rival gangs vying for control of the streets.

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