5 Important Lessons You Can Get From Natalie Portman’s Miss Dior Video

5 Important Lessons You Can Get From Natalie Portman’s Miss Dior Video


The year 2017 can easily be the year for the ladies. 21st century women of all shapes and sizes have fought tooth and nail against misogyny, proving that the future is very much female (Yas!). Renowned actress Natalie Portman lends her voice to women everywhere about the importance of love, not just towards others but also with oneself. Portraying the whirlwind persona of Miss Dior, Natalie’s 2017 fragrance video shows us how to give, receive, and sometimes demand for the love we truly deserve.
Fret not if you haven’t seen the video. Here are 5 cues you can learn from the Hollywood star as she promotes Dior’s newest concoction: Miss Dior Eau De Parfum.

1. Take a leap of faith (literally) and give yourself more credit.

Sometimes girls need to prove to themselves how brave they can be. Natalie Portman in the video let go of her inhibitions and jumped head first into a diving point. Do courageous things like Miss Dior and surprise yourself with what you can do.

2. Demand for the love you deserve.

Gone are the days when girls settled for quiet and ordinary romances. Modern-day goddesses speak their minds and request for the treatment they deserve from their beaus. Dior is all about bringing strong women together while celebrating the fruits of love.

3. Don’t be afraid to dress up for yourself.

Decked out from head to toe, Natalie walked the sunny streets in a beautiful dress embellished with intricate beadwork. What’s her reason for doing so? Dressing for herself and boosting her confidence just because she wants to. There’s no harm in doing small things for yourself, especially for self-love.

4. Set aside time to do something crazy with your friends.

Do it like Miss Dior herself and go on a fun-filled joyride with your best girls. You know your friends are always game for a crazy girl’s night or maybe a spontaneous out-of-town trip that’s strictly NO BOYS ALLOWED!

5. Give love where it counts.

A whirlwind romance has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, make sure you give love where it counts. Miss Dior is all about bringing out the scent of true love. Ensure that love is in the air during private moments with your partner with hints of wild roses, ribbons of citrus, with a mix of bergamot spice.
For more info on Miss Dior, contact the Dior Boutique at tel. no. 957-3560 and mobile no. 0906-288-8780.

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