5 Inclusive Beauty Brands You Should Know About

5 Inclusive Beauty Brands You Should Know About


Want to support an inclusive brand, while reaping all the benefits of being represented for? Here are 5 that are being offered locally.

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We’re all a mismatch of genders, races, sexualities, ethnicities, and everything in between. Truly, each of us are unique in our own way. This is great in thought, but is a concept that is harder in practice. It’s especially hard when purchasing products–– makeup products to be exact. There are too many variations of warm, cool, and neutral tones in different skin shades. There’s also a consideration for skin type and how hormones play a factor to our skin. More so, you can even include the performance of these products in relation to our varying lifestyles.

That’s why it’s so important to purchase and support a brand that understands the changing of times. Makeup is and always has been a universal tool to enhance our appearance. If we take note of all of these factors, we can find the best products suitable for everyone and anyone. There are a lot of beauty brands taking the extra step to become more inclusive, but we’ve zoned in on five that you can check out on your next beauty haul.


Let’s not forget that Filipino-American, Patrick Starrr, is the genius mind behind ONE/SIZE. The brand name means “beauty is one-size-fits-all,” which refers to the inclusivity factor the brand considers. They have a variety of products in different shades for all beauty lovers out there.

Photo from ONESIZE (Instagram)

MAC Cosmetics

This beauty brand has been around for a while, but is not afraid to change with the times. MAC Cosmetics has led the way for inclusivity in the makeup industry with countless campaigns that include members of the LGBTQ+ community. These campaigns are being done in both the local and global scale.

Photo from MAC COSMETICS (Instagram)

blk Cosmetics

A few years ago, Anne Curtis and her team of beauty mavens launched blk Universal. This is the gender-inclusive brand that has makeup options for both men and women. She was inspired by the Korean makeup industry and how they normalize men wearing makeup out and about.

Photo from BLK COSMETICS (Instagram)

Makeup Forever

Releasing a foundation in 40 different shades is nothing to Makeup Forever. They’ve been in the inclusivity game since 2015. This is the time when they launched their Ultra HD Foundation made to be worn by all the makeup lovers out there. They also have concealers and other foundations in 26 and 50 shades, respectively.

Photo from MAKEUP FOREVER (Instagram)

Issy & Co.

Another Filipino brand that works hard on their inclusivity game is Issy & Co. They’ve created skin tints, concealers, bronzers, and more. In their campaign materials, they also try to include a diverse set of models who best represent the Issy & Co. brand.

Photo from ISSY & CO. (Instagram)

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