5 International Indie Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist

5 International Indie Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist


These indie artists are here to make your playlist pop with their distinctive sounds and soul-soothing melodies

Ready to dive into a sea of indie jams that’ll have you vibing all day and night? We’ve got your back with a lineup of talented artists that are about to become your new obsession. Grab your headphones and prepare to embark on a sonic journey that’s both eargasmic and oh-so-addictive.

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Caroline Polachek 

caroline polacheck indie artist
Photo: CAROLINE POLACHEK (via Instagram)

She’s a musical genius hailing from the picturesque lands of Connecticut, co-founding an indie pop band while also slaying it solo. This music maven not only gives us major indie vibes, but she’s also a master of producing those earworm-worthy tunes that’ll keep you singing in the shower. From her Chairlift days to her solo stardom, Caroline Polachek is proof that Connecticut knows how to serve up some seriously cool sounds.

Oliver Tree 

oliver tree indie artist
Photo: OLIVER TREE (via Instagram)

Hold onto your beanies because Oliver Tree is here to inject some quirky charisma into your playlist. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, this dude is not just a singer, but also a record producer, director, and comedian all wrapped up in one bundle of musical goodness. With tracks that are as catchy as they are hilarious, Oliver Tree is the secret ingredient to turning a mundane day into a dance party extravaganza.

Still Woozy 

still woozy indie artist
Photo: STILL WOOZY (via Instagram)

If you’re all about that laid-back, feel-good vibe, Still Woozy is about to become your musical BFF. Sven Eric Gamsky, a.k.a. Still Woozy, knows how to spin melodies that’ll transport you to a musical oasis. Hailing from the sunny streets of Oakland, California, this musical wizard started crafting tunes at the tender age of 13! Can you say prodigy? Get ready to groove to his spaced-out tunes that are perfect for daydreaming and spontaneous dance-offs.

Phoebe Bridgers 

Photo: PHOEBE BRIDGERS (via Instagram)

When it comes to capturing the essence of indie folk magic, Phoebe Bridgers reigns supreme. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a knack for heartstring-tugging lyrics, she crafts melodies that’ll have you reminiscing about your own life’s cinematic moments. Oh, and did we mention she’s racked up Grammy nods like they’re going out of style? Yeah, this girl is the real deal and your playlist is begging for a taste of her musical sorcery.

Lolo Zouaï 

Photo: LOLO ZOUAÏ (via Instagram)

Ready to infuse your playlist with a dash of international flair? Enter Lolo Zouaï, a French-born American singer who’s here to prove that music transcends borders. From Paris to San Francisco, Lolo’s journey has been nothing short of captivating. And guess what? She even shared the stage with the pop sensation Dua Lipa! With her unique blend of sounds, Lolo Zouaï is the perfect addition to your playlist’s world tour.

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