5 Last Minute Things You Can Do For Quarantine Halloween

5 Last Minute Things You Can Do For Quarantine Halloween


Got nothing to do this Halloween? Don’t worry, because we’ve got a few last minute tricks and treats for you to this October 31st. 

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Oh, Halloween. It’s just not the same when you celebrate it at home. That’s why we’ve made it our absolute mission to amp up the Halloween spirit, despite the circumstances, of course. Who needs to go out at night to party, when you can bring the party to your home? Plus, this list is introvert friendly. So, you can expect us to suggest more than just joining a virtual hangout with a Zoom room full of your friend’s friends. Now that’s a real horror story!

1. Have a Horror Movie Marathon on Netflix
Netflix has got you locked and loaded all throughout Hallow’s Eve. They’ve even added a whole tab called Halloween in their genres. You can get really spooked with a The Haunting of Bly Manor marathon or you can laugh out loud to Hubie Halloween. The choice is yours.

Netflix, Horror, Halloween

2. Virtual Halloween Party in The Palace
For those of you who like to bump and grind the night away, you can tune in to The Palace’s YouTube or Facebook for a virtual party. If you’re extroverted, then you can call on your friends to join in. But, if you’re a little introverted, then you can still dance alone in your room. There’s no shame in that.

Haunting At The Palace, Horror

3. Get a Tarot Reading from Bea Marin
Fortune tellers and occult properties are a big part of Halloween. That’s why it’s extremely timely that resident digital creator, Bea Marin, is an oracle and tarot reader. October 31st would be the best day to get a reading for a full moon will take up the sky on this night.

Tarot Reading, Halloween

4. DIY your Halloween Costume like Bella Hadid
I guess homeboy is gonna get it this Halloween. Bella Hadid just drew her Flintstones Halloween costume on for a recent Instagram post. She eventually did get the costume made, which was also shared online.

5. Get Ghosted by Your Ex
You don’t even have to try to get this done. It might have already happened. Getting ghosted by your ex is probably the scariest thing on this list, but it happens. Make light of the situation by calling your girlfriends and turning this into a wine-night-slash-spill-sesh instead.

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