5 Leading Men That Kathryn Bernardo Should Work With

5 Leading Men That Kathryn Bernardo Should Work With


Just in time for Kathryn Bernardo’s solo era, here are the five leading men that we want to see her on-screen with, whether as a comeback or a breakthrough pairing

Since her child star days, Kathryn Bernardo’s name has always stood on its own. Before we knew her as the better half of the love team KathNiel, the actress has already been shining with and without a partner on screen. Now that her transformation as a braver and bolder woman also rubs off in her choice of projects, we believe that the timing is right for her to explore the realm of pairings without the comfort of reel-turned-real partner Daniel Padilla. With that, we give you the actors we want Kathryn Bernardo to work with, whether as a reunion project or as a breakthrough tandem.

Kathryn Bernardo leading men
Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

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Jericho Rosales

First on the list is a versatile actor who has expressed his interest to work with Kathryn in the past. In 2019, Jericho mentioned in a press conference that he was just waiting for the right time to work with the A Very Good Girl actress. Well, the perfect time would be right now, especially during Bernardo’s experimental era. As for their project, a time-traveling romance will definitely showcase their individual skills and refreshing partnership. Another angle that they could touch on is exploring platonic relationships between males and females. 

Kathryn Bernardo leading man Jericho Rosales
Photo: JERICHO ROSALES (via Instagram)

Enrique Gil

Coming off from their own successful pairings respectively, the reunion of Mikay and Prince Jao from Princess and I has been a longtime wish of fans that truly needs to be granted. We have been a witness of their chemistry more than a decade ago, and their individual maturity over the years as actors could help deliver a classic romantic comedy with a little drama on the side. Think That Thing Called Tadhana or a Filipino remake of the Before trilogy. 

Enrique Gil leading man Kathryn
Photo: ENRIQUE GIL (via Instagram)

James Reid

Giving the fans a what-if situation to think about, the potential of their pairing to work can get anyone curious. At a time when their own love teams would go head-to-head in ratings and screen time, James and Kathryn both worked on romantic comedies with Nadine Lustre and Daniel Padilla, respectively. With the artists’ roster of romcom experience and location movies that explore different places, it will be something to look forward to. Besides, the promise of their partnership would be a great message to fans that their favorites can and should feel free to explore with other stars and materials as well. 

Kathryn Bernardo leading man James Reid
Photo: JAMES REID (via Instagram)

Albie Casiño

Before Daniel Padilla, there was Albie as Christian in Mara Clara. In the 2010 remake of the classic series, Christian and Mara, Bernardo’s role, had their fair share of “puppy love” moments. A project with a twist of action can work for the two, especially that they enjoy working out and moving their bodies. Perhaps childhood friends turned foes? Add that with an element of frenemies banter, and they could deliver refreshed nostalgia for sure. 

Albie Casiño leading man
Photo: ALBIE CASIÑO (via Instagram)

Donny Pangilinan

Last but not least is today’s dashing leading man, Donny Pangilinan. Proving his consistent growth as an actor from He’s Into Her to Can’t Buy Me Love, the rising actor can definitely learn a lot from working with an industry veteran like Kathryn. The potential of seeing them portray a brother-sister bond in a film or series will surely be a hit among their supporters. Just thinking about this vision is already something we have our fingers crossed for.

Donny Pangilinan leading man
Photo: DONNY PANGILINAN (via Instagram)


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