5 Local Fashion Brands That Cater To Plus Sized Women

5 Local Fashion Brands That Cater To Plus Sized Women


Looking for a local fashion brand that caters to plus sized women? Check out these stylish labels.

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Many of us want to take the initiative to support local. The only problem is that there aren’t a lot of local brands that are size inclusive. You’ll find a lot of shops offering linen ternos or Sunday dresses in small to large sizes, but how about the bigger girls? There are still a few more sizes past large that a collective of women find themselves in.

In more ways than one, clothing has helped empower women of all ages and sizes. That’s why it’s important to find local brands that offer a wide range of size and style options. Here’s a list of brands that cater to plus sized women and what they are about.

hof +

Their motto is no longer hiding behind the fabric. hof + encourages plus sized women to wear fashionable pieces that show off their skin. The brand was established by YouTuber, Helen On Fleek, and is now a go-to label for plus sized women.

Thick PH

Wondering where to get on trend pieces that can be easily styled and worn with the current pieces in your wardrobe but aren’t really sure where to find them in your size? You can check out Thick PH. They offer a variety of styles for their stylish plus sized clientele. You can go from baddie to soft girl real quick.


One of the biggest concerns for bottom heavy women is finding a pair of pants that fit your hips and taper in your waist. naltwai has the solution by offering a variety of wide legged pants for all sizes. Their self-adjusting pants is the Philippines’ first.

Wear Inclusive

The Sunday dress is a staple in any woman’s closet. Wear Inclusive provides just that for all the plus sized sweethearts out there who want to wear a dainty dress out. They make sure the length and the fit of the dresses are of the right cuts.

BSCO Curve

Sometimes it’s hard to follow trends when they don’t offer the same styles Kendall Jenner or Hailey Bieber wore for plus sized women. BSCO Curve addresses this dilemma by sourcing trendy pieces for the plus sized women of Manila.

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