5 Local Influencers To Follow For The Best Shopping Tips

5 Local Influencers To Follow For The Best Shopping Tips


Follow these influencers at your own risk. They can easily get you to haul your way through your next pay check. Find out who they are.

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Influencers are here to influence. Plain and simple, right? Naturally, people with enviable lifestyles and a formidable sense of fashion should be followed, as it has been done for hundreds of years. You could even say that Cleopatra was an influencer when she debuted the first ever smoky eye. That’s just how things are. According to marketing psychology expert Sarah Donawerth, when an influencer promotes a brand or product, they can create a psychological conformity effect on followers. However, after the boom of homegrown influencers during the start of the pandemic, that influence started to decrease. The general public does not necessarily turn to influencers for the best recommendations anymore—unless, you’ve earned it. There are a few personalities on the web who have gone above and beyond with giving their best reviews. Plus, it shows with the immense following they’ve acquired. Get to know the influencers who captured the trust of the public by recommending the best deals in the biz.

Toni Sia
Instagram’s budol queen, Toni Sia, should definitely be on this list. She’s convinced all to buy sports bras at some point in our lives. Aside from this, her Instagram story recommendations always keeps her fans on their toes for what’s coming up next.

Paige Rañola
Influencer and host, Paige Ranola, has the ultimate monthly pre-sale lineup in her Instagram stories. She knows exactly what to get and where to get it for the best prices. Her range of deals and bundles extends from fashion to skincare, so you know she’s got you covered.

Nate Javier
TikTok star and makeup artist, Nate Javier, will tell you like it is on his socials. Not wearing the right sunscreen? Miss Nate will point you to the right direction. The best part is this queen’s knowledge is guided by one of the industry’s best, Albert Kurniwan. So, you just know she’s legit.

Killa Kush
More than Kush’s hot girl life hacks, she’s also got the best comparative TikToks out there. She spotlights multiple glosses and highlighters to be reviewed on her socials and YouTube channel. Aside from this, her delivery and overall tone is hilarious. The girl can gab her way to the next deal with you riding along with her.

Kylie Celebre
You want real talk? Then, go to Kylie Celebre. She’s one of the only influencers who is not afraid to speak her mind about certain cosmetic brands in the Philippines. She’ll spill the tea for all us to brew in. The best part is she gives all of this information in a constructive and queenly way, so you can trust that she keeps it highly profesh.

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