5 Local Influencers Who Hopped On The Barbie Core Trend

5 Local Influencers Who Hopped On The Barbie Core Trend


They’re Barbie girls and they’re living in their best pink outfit! Check out the local influencers who hopped on the Barbie core trend.

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Yup, the newest trend on the block is Barbie core. This means wearing your cutest pink outfit and maybe even dying your hair blonde. Many celebrities have hopped on the trend since news broke out of a live action Barbie movie directed by feminist, Greta Gerwig. Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and many others have been donning their pink looks since. Barbie girl, Margot Robbie, even went viral for her all pink costume during the filming of the movie. Now, we’re seeing our favorite local influencers joining in the trend by mixing their own personal style preferences into the Barbie core aesthetic. Here are some cute pink looks that caught our eye.

Ashley Garcia
YouTuber, Ashley Garcia, attended the Nylon Big, Bold, and Brave Awards wearing a custom pink Carl Arcusa cocktail dress. It’s the perfect Y2k version of our favorite plastic doll with frilly details, strappy heels, and a flattering neckline.

Rei Germar
YouTuber and entrepreneur, Rei Germar, gave us a sexier version of Barbie. She wore an all pink patent leather outfit with matching patent leather thigh high boots. If you’re wondering if this falls under the aesthetic, it does! You’re allowed to mix in your own personal style with the trend.

Bella Racelis
YouTuber, Bella Racelis, went for an old school version of the new aesthetic. She wore a pink mini dress with an a-line skirt and a halter neckline. She paired it with a Bottega Veneta handbag in tow and Hermès sandals.

Zeinab Harake
YouTuber, Zeinab Harake, took us back to the girly dolls we all grew up loving. She wore a detachable puffed floral sleeves with a matching bralette and skirt. The outfit oozes powerful feminine energy that both Zeinab and Barbie are known for.

Andrea Beldua
She may be a photographer, but you could also say Andrea Beldua holds a lot of style influencer when it comes to the color pink. You could say it’s her color– just like Barbie! The only difference is they have varying style tastes, which makes Andrea’s pink looks all the more exciting.

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