5 Local Makeup Artists For The Best Halloween Look Transformations

5 Local Makeup Artists For The Best Halloween Look Transformations


If you want to rock your next halloween party looking completely bizarre, out-of-this-world, and unexpected, elevating your makeup is the way to it.

Everyone is already on the look out for what  to go as for halloween and where to get it. And since 2019 has the biggest movie releases, we got a long list of icons to choose from. But, we all know it doesn’t just end there, right? When you get the seasonal to be extraordinary, why not make the most out of it and up the ante of transformation? And when I say something else, what I really mean was going for a peculiar halloween makeup look you never imagined you can internalize.

To give you an idea, here are the makeup artists you can book for your upcoming Halloween party.

Sylvina Lopez

With Sylvina Lopez or Slo Makeup’s seemingly paradoxical makeup look, it’s a great fit for halloween. Her otherworldly yet ethereal makeup looks will definitely bring you into another dimension.


Photos from @slomakeup on Instagram


Chyla Guerrero

Chyla Guerrero’s diverse takes on skull makeup prove how she’s a total expert on this macabre look. And it isn’t just a skeletal specialty, because she can help you morph to an edgy pop art or fierce animal creature for Halloween.


Photos from @chylaguerrero on Instagram

Marlyn Ocampo

Giving attention to every detail, Marlyn Ocampo’s Halloween makeup will make everyone around you feel eerie as you stare. Make no mistake, the glam is not lost as there exists a balance of romance and riveting spook to her skill set.

Photos from @marlyn_ocampo on Instagram

Katchie Mejias

The Halloween game face is on with Katchie Mejias’ skeletal makeup look. Depends on your threshold for the season, she can channel it minimally or unabashedly all out, just how you want it done. With a predilection for the more daring and dreamy, she can totally take you from the catalogue to an editorial.

Photo from @katchmejias on Instagram

Brigiding Aricheta

Last year, the artist more popularly known as the drag queen Gigi gave us the winning Halloween transformation: Liza Soberano as Pennywise. Not only did the makeup artist ace the tormented clown look, he’s also a master in mixing dark and colorful elements to create contrasting look. Don’t get scared though, as Brigiding always manages to sneak in an element of high-octane glam to the spook.

Photos from @brigiding on Instagram

Want to be head turners on your next trick-or-treat run or at the many Halloween parties you will attend? Look no further as these makeup virtuosos are definitely whom you should turn to for that spooky and uncanny look.

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