5 Local Models Who Are Breaking Industry Stereotypes

5 Local Models Who Are Breaking Industry Stereotypes


Find out how these 5 local models are breaking the stereotypes surrounding the industry one day at a time.

Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to have an idea on how models are supposed to look. The image ingrained into our minds are usually men and women who are shockingly thin or unbelievably ripped, and it’s undeniable that both are almost impossible to achieve for someone without Amazonian genes or if he or she currently lives a sedentary nine-to-five job. Despite this, these models are still the blueprint for how we’re supposed to look and dress as per the campaigns they’re in. However, not everyone can or even wants to be a size 0, and that shouldn’t stop us from trying out the best of fashion.

This is why we applaud these local models who are going against the stereotype by being unapologetically authentic as they conquer ageism, racism, discrimination, sexism, and other social injustices in the industry. They’re not afraid to stand out and speak out for themselves and others.

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Meet the 5 local models who are breaking industry stereotypes.

Chinie Go

You may know Chinie Go as one of the founders of the Prima Stella Modeling Agency. At 42 years old, the entrepreneur models for brands until now. She even encourages her followers to continue their passions and work at any age, breaking the ageist stereotype of modeling. She does this while raising her kids, managing her businesses, and staying on trend in TikTok.

Selina Woo Bhang

She may be the gorgeously tall and lean model we know, but Selina Woo Bhang has openly shared her mission to stop typecasting. The model with Korean roots refuses to be casted in Asian roles that she doesn’t identify with. In doing so, this will give better opportunities to those who are actually from those races.

Bhay Newberry

Bhay Newberry is a freelance plus-sized model in the Philippines, and has worked in numerous campaigns and advertisements all over the country. She has continuously promoted body positivity on her social media channels, living by example for all her followers.

EJ Nacion

This social media influencer doubles as a model for different editorial photoshoots. He has worked in campaigns with MAC, Uniqlo, Mossimo, and many more. EJ breaks the barrier between feminine and masculine styles to add to a new wave of androgynous fashion.

Kataluna Enriquez

Model and fashion designer Kataluna Enriquez is the first transgender beauty queen to win the Miss USA Nevada title in history. She’s a Filipino-American who actively speaks on behalf of the transgender community by working on mental health advocacies while modeling for international campaigns.

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