5 Local Swimwear Brands For Your Trendy Bikinis This Summer

5 Local Swimwear Brands For Your Trendy Bikinis This Summer


If you’re thinking about trying out a new bikini style this summer, here are five that you can opt to wear from these local swimwear brands

Thinking of switching up your fashion this year? If you’ve been contemplating on doing it but you’re a bit hesitant to do a complete wardrobe change, one way to go about it is to pick a season that can help you try on a new aesthetic. That being said, summer is a few months away, which gives you the perfect opportunity to try on a new style, especially if you’re thinking of going to the beach soon. From classic neutrals to playful prints, here are five trends worth testing out with these local swimwear bands. 

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For the 90s fanatic

If you’ve been wanting to try the style from the 90s, keep in mind that they are all about the pared down vibe. So for your swimwear, it’s best to think sleek and mature. An example of this would be this The Juju Club one-piece that has black seams that help elevate the design in a low-key way, while the neckline reminds us of the fashion from three decades ago. 

The Juju Club swimwear
Photo: THE JUJU CLUB (via Instagram)

For the coquette enthusiast

You’re pretty loyal to this aesthetic because even if it’s been years since it blew up on social media, you’ve evolved along with it. Seeing that you’re still riding on that soft-girl look, you can bring it with you to the beach with this two-piece set from Eighth Mermaid that has a sweetheart top and layered skirt for a dainty finish. 

Eighth Mermaid bikini
Photo: EIGHTH MERMAID (via Instagram)

For the Y2K loyalist

Made for the girls who are keeping it quirky with vibrant pops of colors, you might want to add this set from Guppy PH since they passed the color check. Imagine wearing this two-piece with your beaded necklace and a string of pearls—it’s so Y2K core. 

Guppy PH bikini
Photo: GUPPY PH (via Instagram)

For the surf lover

To those who are taking the waves seriously this year, Agos Surf has the set for you. You won’t have to fuss about your girlies making a surprise appearance when you’re surfing because their two-piece set comes with a zip-up top to secure your bust. 

Agos Surf swimwear
Photo: AGOS SURF (via Instagram)

For the matcha girlie

We can’t leave out the ladies who always rave about their matcha tea, so we’re giving the color to you with this two-piece set from Ellá Swimwear. It has a ruche finish on both the top and bottom that gives the bikini set a touch of coquette vibe, making it trendy and dainty.

Ellá Swimwear
Photo: ELLÁ SWIMWEAR (via Instagram)

Featured Image: THE JUJU CLUB (via Instagram)

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