5 Low Maintenance Outfits Made for University Girls

5 Low Maintenance Outfits Made for University Girls


Feeling lazy but you still want to look put together? Recreate these lazy-proof outfits that are university-friendly

There comes a time when you simply want to not think about your outfit when you have face-to-face classes. It’s an added stress when you already have deadlines to think about and readings you have to catch up to, hence the go-to hobo ensemble we have when we’re feeling extra lazy. But what if you can still pull up to your university stylishly without making the stress too obvious? 

If you’re running out of low maintenance looks, here’s five chic ensembles you can recreate without worrying about the dress code. 

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The Regina George

Remember the hit by the bus scene from Mean Girls? Well, it only consists of a boat neck top tucked in a pair of low-waisted jeans, and completed with your choice of belt. You can wear ballet flats or kitten heels with this look since they both give off Y2K vibes. It’s an outfit waiting to be recreated—minus the accident. 

Ashley Garcia Lazy University Outfit
Photo: ASHLEY GARCIA (via Instagram)

Leatherette girl

When it comes to layering, trust that a leather jacket will always do its job. A simple tank top and denim jeans? Wear a leather jacket. The white t-shirt and mini skirt combo? Throw a leather jacket. In conclusion, this edgy outerwear will be your best friend when you’re feeling a bit sluggish. 

Camille Ang Lazy University Outfit
Photo: CAMILLE ANG (via Instagram)

Casual denims

We have learned that wearing coordinates will make us look like we’re on our best, and that is why we’re going to continue it with some denims. It’s the ultimate cool girl look since it can go with basic tops like a t-shirt or tube tops, but it can also be styled with pieces with some nostalgic graphic designs. 

Elize Mariano Lazy University Outfit
Photo: ELIZE MARIANO (via Instagram)

Laid-back businesswoman

For those who like looking like they’re ready to go to the office, then this outfit might just be for you. Keep it chic with a monochromatic ensemble for your top and bottoms, then layer it with an oversized yet structured blazer. Little details like a statement cap and ankle high socks will make your entire outfit look trendy. 

Chelsea Valencia Lazy University Outfit
Photo: CHELSEA VALENCIA (via Instagram)

K-Drama lead attire

You’re stuck on imagining your life is a living K-Drama series and your wardrobe consists of looks that are inspired by various lead characters. We’re going to feed on your imagination with this breezy and easy attire that consists of your basics such as a white shirt, black mini skirt, layered with a sheer white button-down. Now go and meet your dream oppa as you walk to your next class. 

Reg De Castro Lazy University Outfit
Photo: REG DE CASTRO (via Instagram)

Featured Image: CESS TAN (via Instagram)

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