5 Luxury Brands Spotted on Anne Curtis

5 Luxury Brands Spotted on Anne Curtis


The it girl goddess is known for pursuing her passions in life, and luxury fashion is indeed one of them.

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If there’s one career tip that we can learn from Anne Curtis, it’s this—work hard so you can reward yourself harder.

The long, enduring career of the actress is more than just luck. From Magic Kingdom to Luv-Anne, the audience is a witness to Anne’s passion for giving her everything be it as an actress or performer.

Over the course of her career, the Dyosa star has not only invested in bettering her craft; she, too, just like any individual, has a soft spot for fashion and jewelry. And now that she is a mother, these pieces are certainly the best heirlooms that her daughter Dahlia will receive.

With that, here are the luxury brands Anne Curtis has invested on:

Louis Vuitton

As a jet-setter herself, it’s no longer a surprise that Anne loves a brand that elevates traveling like no other. Whether it’s a cool chic or an old school look, the actress knows how to add a personal touch of Anne with her pieces from the Maison. This is just a proof that you can rock any peg with anything from Louis Vuitton.


There is a something about the simple elegance of Prada’s pieces that is the perfect present to someone who’s a little older, or to teens starting their luxury fashion journey. Just like Prada, Anne’s appeal to the madlang people goes beyond age. Look how the actress added color to her rugged, preppy leather loafers with the Astral Blue nylon bag that screams Y2K.

Tiffany & Co.

Spicing up your outfits with the right accessories is definitely a style tip that anyone needs to be reminded of from time to time. Jewelry is and will always be a good investment, and Anne has that one ticked off with her silver Tiffany and Co. necklaces and bracelet. As the fashionista actress proclaims, “Tiffany [is] forever a classic”.

Bottega Veneta

If jewelry can level up your outfit, it takes the right bag to complete your look. Luckily for Anne, she has chosen the Jodie silhouette that works well whether you’re opting for a laidback, going-to-run-some-errands ensemble or for a brunch-meeting-with-a-client style.


The House has always dared to take risks with its sculpted shapes and cuts—always exuding sexy sophistication with its releases. If Anne were a luxury house, she would definitely be Mugler. The brand is the perfect representation of Anne’s personality—daring, innovative, and one of a kind.

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