5 Men’s Style Content Creators Worth Following

5 Men’s Style Content Creators Worth Following


Ready to step up your style game? Get your daily dose of men’s fashion advice from these Filipino content creators 

Within the dynamic landscape of men’s fashion, a new wave of Filipino content creators has surfaced, sharing their unique perspectives on style that resonate with the discerning man. Whether you find your calling in the art of minimalism, the bold expression of luxury, the edge of streetwear, or the timeless class of everyday elegance, here are five content creators you should check out for some style inspiration: 

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Josh Colet

Video: JOSH COLET (via Tiktok)

Josh Colet‘s style is all about simplicity and clean lines. His content is a go-to destination for men looking to master the art of minimalist fashion. From monochromatic outfits to wardrobe essentials, Josh’s feed is a treasure trove of inspiration for those who believe that less is more.

Gabbie Mariano

Video: GABBIE MARIANO (via Tiktok)

For the gentlemen with a taste for the finer things in life, Gabbie Mariano reigns as the ultimate style influencer. He combines high-end pieces and accessories, demonstrating the art of elevating your daily attire with a touch of luxury. Without a doubt, his content is sure to leave you yearning for a dash of opulence in your wardrobe.

Jeff Ong

Video: JEFF ONG (via Tiktok)

Looking like a true style chameleon, Jeff Ong seamlessly shifts between streetwear, formal outfits, and laid-back attire. His content is like a versatility masterclass, offering valuable insights for men navigating various fashion situations. From looking dapper in casual attire to embracing a relaxed streetwear vibe, Jeff has all the answers.

Joshua Decena

Video: JOSHUA DECENA (via Tiktok)

If you’re a man into streetwear, Joshua Decena‘s content is a must-follow. He embodies the spirit of street culture, delivering a dose of edgy, urban-style inspiration. From graphic tees to sneakers and accessories, Joshua’s style is an exciting journey through the streets.

Justin Bangsil

Video: JUSTIN BANGSIL (via Tiktok)

Justin Bangsil caters to men who want to look stylish in their day-to-day lives. His videos serve as a go-to resource for practical, easy-to-achieve fashion advice. With a focus on wearable, stylish outfits for the everyday man, Justin’s content is something you absolutely can’t overlook. 

Featured Image: JOSH COLET (via Instagram)

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