5 Menswear Trends You Can’t Ignore From These New Collections

5 Menswear Trends You Can’t Ignore From These New Collections


At the highly anticipated BYS Fashion Week, an array of Filipino designers took center stage, unveiling their latest cutting-edge collections. This year, men’s fashion witnessed a captivating display of flair, culture, and innovation. These designers clearly seized the opportunity to steal the spotlight and boldly redefine the very essence of contemporary menswear with their unique and unparalleled approach. Here are the top five trends that set the runway ablaze at the said recently concluded fashion affair.

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Denim domination 

David Guison at BYS Fashion Week

Denim is definitely back and our own Filipino creatives breathed new life into this classic fabric. From tailored suits to oversized jackets, there was no shortage of innovative denim creations. The standout pieces featured intricate patchwork and distressing, offering a fresh take on this fabric’s rugged charm. Whether it was denim-on-denim ensembles or denim paired with more unconventional materials, this trend showcased the undeniable versatility of the classic material. 

Leather’s legacy

James Reid at BYS Fashion Week

Leather made a bold statement on the runways this year. The juxtaposition of this fabric with other textures and materials created an intriguing contrast, adding depth and personality to the outfits. Take the all-black ensemble worn by James Reid for example. It reflected a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, making it a standout style to try for the modern Filipino man.

Crop to the top

Menswear trends spotted at BYS Fashion Week

Our own designers also unapologetically dared to defy conventional style rules by introducing cropped coats and jackets in their newest collections. This departure from the norm offers a fresh perspective for today’s stylish man, proving that, at times, going short is the ultimate way to elevate your sartorial appeal.

Stay loose, stay stylish

Robi Domingo at BYS Fashion Week

Comfort met style on the runways as loose-fitting pants took over. Wide-leg trousers, oversized cargo pants, and billowy joggers were all the rage. This trend celebrated freedom of movement without sacrificing refinement, offering a great alternative to the often constricting world of men’s fashion.

Baring it right

Subtle sensuality menswear trend

Subtle sensuality found its place in men’s fashion at the BYS Fashion Week arena. Designers incorporated tasteful cutouts, sheer fabrics, and strategically placed openings in their collections, adding an element of surprise and allure, allowing men to experiment with revealing just a hint of skin while maintaining a sense of sophistication.


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