5 Morena Celebrities to Take Inspiration From on Instagram

5 Morena Celebrities to Take Inspiration From on Instagram


For the morena women, having someone—be it a celebrity or a TV host—who celebrates their brown skin is such a relief and an inspiration to embrace their natural color

Morena beauty is getting its well-deserved nod in society today with a number of representations on screen. More specifically, women who flaunt their complexion unapologetically. A visible movement as such surely has the power to touch lives and boost the confidence of girls out there. So, if you’re in the search of Filipina morena women you want to take inspiration from when it comes to fashion, beauty, or self-empowerment, you shouldn’t miss following these five women on Instagram.

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Kathryn Bernardo

Even the most famous and accomplished FAMAS Best Actress, Kathryn Bernardo, once had insecurity for her morena skin color as fair skin was seen as superior before. But eventually, she overcame it and learned to love her skin tone. Now, she glows differently in her sunkissed skin—either in her basic white baby tees and long-sleeved polos, or her glamorous night event look.

Kathryn embraces her morena skin by going free and experimental with her looks

Not just that, Kathryn is also a trendsetter for morena girls who want to explore orange-dyed hair and a little pop of green bikini. She’s a living testament that bright colors wouldn’t hurt. The truth is, it highlights tan skin.

How to scream morena confidence? Choosing warm shades in orange and red

Nadine Lustre

Of course, Nadine Lustre wouldn’t miss the list of celebrities who are bold and fearless in talking about dark skin. Before being the most sought-after name in the entertainment industry, Nadine experienced discrimination and being rejected on auditions because of her skin color, which even led her to use glutathione. But now, she’s the definition of someone who does not succumb to beauty standards, as she herself is her only standard.

Nadine is a glowing goddess with her sartorial looks

Talking about glam and elegance? That’s stamped on her name. From her glossy dresses and her glamorous makeup featuring her glossy lips and bronzed cheeks, and even to her iconic hairstyles, she’s indeed Instagram’s aesthetic queen. She’s a go-to if you want to achieve that tanned glow by choosing the right bronzer, and even if you need some inspiration for your next glam or beach trip fits.

Nadine proves that versatility is for the morena woman

Gabbi Garcia

Besides her newfound love for hosting at the recent Miss Universe Philippines coronation night, Gabbi Garcia is also well-known for speaking up about being proud of her tanned skin. Just like other morena actresses, the Kapuso star did not have it easy in her acting career. She experienced more than a dozen times of rejections as mestiza girls always ended up getting the role.

Gabbi is a go-to girl for all things morena beauty and fashion

Eventually, she learned to accept and care for her morena skin to be healthy and glowing. Not afraid to experiment with colors, she even wears a mustard-yellow bikini confidently. Whether it’s a hairstyle or hair color recommendation, or even a morena girl’s guide to travel outfits, Gabbi has it all on her Instagram account.

From glowing goddess looks to hairstyles, the actress is our morena go-to

Bianca Umali

Next on the list is none other than, Bianca Umali, whose passport photo recently went viral because of her barefaced beauty. Bianca is a living testament that morena women are beautiful with or without makeup. Aside from being known as a Kapuso actress, Bianca is also living her life with a purpose as an advocate for children and breast cancer patients. So, if you’re one of the morena girls who love to volunteer, Bianca will surely inspire you on her Instagram posts.

Bianca is proving that a little glitter on the lids and a nude lipstick goes a long way for morenas

From her stylish layered outfits, her fitness journey, and how she switches her hairstyle from a short bob to long hair, morena women can take inspiration from Bianca on how to master styling their neutral color wardrobes.

The actress is inspiring morenas how to pull off black and white layered outfits

Bianca Gonzalez

Talking about morena and women empowerment? Well, that’s Bianca Gonzalez for sure. If you’re one of the morena girls who loves speaking, the host is the one for you as she’s known for the shows in Pinoy Big Brother, The Voice, and at times, Magandang Buhay. Not just that, she’s also the author of the book Paano Ba ‘To, which she eventually turned into a podcast and vlog series, discussing self-empowerment.

Bianca Gonzales keeps her morena beauty fun through bright colors and shades in her style

When it comes to flaunting her proud morena moments, Bianca will convince you to try light-colored dresses proving light colors blend well with brown skin, too. She’s also the standard if you want to achieve that subtle and natural-looking daily makeup with a little pop of color blush on your cheeks. Keep it clean with light makeup, and you’re set to go.

The host is not afraid to inject pops of pink into her beauty look


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