5 Most Shocking Celebrity Unfollows, From Kathryn Bernardo to Bea Alonzo

5 Most Shocking Celebrity Unfollows, From Kathryn Bernardo to Bea Alonzo


From Kathryn to Bea, here are the Filipino celebrities who decided to click the unfollow button and made netizens go wild and wondering

Nowadays, monitoring the relationship status between people can be as easy as clicking through their Instagram pages. When someone has unfollowed another or both sides have clicked the “unfollow” button, you already know what’s up. Whether some call it petty and dramatic or others deem it as right and well-deserving, the gesture always happens for a reason. Celebrity or not, we can witness this and go through it. 

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In the case of our Filipino stars, a number of unfollows have become the talk of the town over the years. While netizens know that some reasons are clear as day, others continue to speculate and wonder whatever happened between the parties. With that said, MEGA Entertainment wraps up a few jaw-dropping celebrity unfollows that happened over the years. 

Kathryn and Daniel, Julia, Liza, and Gillian

All hell broke loose when eagle-eyed netizens spotted that Kathryn had finally unfollowed her previous reel-to-real partner, Daniel Padilla. This came after they were spotted interacting with each other at the wedding of host Robi Domingo and his now-wife, Maiqui Pineda. As of writing, the actress’ non-showbiz best friends, Arisse De Santos and Trina Guytingco, have also unfollowed the actor. Alora, who seems to be Kathryn’s closest friend in show business presently, has already unfollowed Daniel before the A Very Good Girl star did. While the real reason has yet to be confirmed, netizens are speculating that the actress may have been given more reasons to ultimately disconnect from Padilla and move forward without him in the picture. 

Aside from Daniel, Kathryn also unfollowed Gillian Vicencio, Julia Barretto, and Liza Soberano. Vicencio, who joined KathNiel’s 2 Good 2 Be True, and recently A Very Good Girl, once denied her involvement in the cheating issue of the broken up couple. Meanwhile, other fans are still weighing on the role of Julia and Liza in the current unfollowing spree. In the past, the three worked together as part of the ASAP It Girls. Liza even kickstarted her acting career as Angel in 2013 for KathNiel’s first movie, Must Be Love. In the film, she played the character of Kathryn’s cousin. 

Sofia Andres and Andrea Brillantes

A pledge of allegiance of sorts for her friend Kathryn, actress Sofia Andres asserted the side she was on with the click of a button. Andres previously followed Brillantes as they are both in the Kapamilya network, but have never worked together. On the other hand, Andres made her mainstream showbiz debut with Princess And I, where she played Kathryn’s sister. 

Sarah Lahbati and Gutierrez Family

From her new home to her new haircut, Sarah is definitely not holding back as she moves on and forward from the past. After months of speculation regarding her separation with husband Richard Gutierrez, she has decided to cut off her online ties with the Gutierrez family. However, she is still mutually digitally connected with Ruffa’s children, Lorin and Venice, as of writing. 

Photo: SARAH LAHBATI (via Instagram)

Small Laude and Julia, Claudia, and Marjorie Barretto

The Laudes and Barrettos go way back, with their families celebrating the holidays together in Los Angeles then. In fact, the “Eat Girl” started vlogging through the help of Dani, Marjorie’s eldest daughter. When she got married in 2019, Small’s sister, Alice Eduardo, was even her principal sponsor. 

Their relationship continued to be a joy for the public eye till early 2020, when they publicly supported Julia for her film, Block Z. Much to the surprise of their fans, they are no longer connected with each other in their social media pages, except for Dani, who is still mutually connected to the older vlogger. This made some of their fans sad as the Barretto family used to be in Small’s first vlogs back when she was still starting out in the industry.

Bea Alonzo and Pia Wurtzbach

Starting in show business around the same time, Bea and Pia were Star Magic artists for Batch 10 and 11, respectively. They also starred in the 2002 series, K2BU. Over the years, both of them had always supported each other in their respective paths. 

In early 2018, Alonzo unfollowed both Wurtzbach and her then boyfriend, Gerald Anderson. Bea’s friend, Janus Del Prado, confirmed in an interview with Ogie Diaz last 2021 that Pia and Gerald were involved with each other during the shooting of their film, My Perfect You. At present, the Miss Universe 2015 is still following both Bea and Gerald on Instagram. Meanwhile, the Kapuso actress hasn’t followed Pia back since.

Featured Image: DREAMSCAPE (Kathryn and Liza); STAR MAGIC (Bea and Pia)

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