5 Movies That Honor Jaclyn Jose’s Versatility in Acting

5 Movies That Honor Jaclyn Jose’s Versatility in Acting


Jaclyn Jose was an actress who anchored her craft on her versatility and natural style of portrayal

Today, Filipinos are grieving a great loss in Philippine show business. Award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose passed away yesterday, as confirmed by her management PPL Entertainment. She was 60. Until her passing, she played Chief Dolores Espinas in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.

Jaclyn Jose passing death actress veteran versatile best actress cannes ma rosa
Jaclyn Jose became known for her “no-acting method”

In her four decades as an actress, Jose established her distinct style in attacking her numerous roles. It had been her trademark to elicit emotion without actually showing expressions, especially through her eyes. According to the actress herself, her deadpan or no-acting method was a deliberate decision of hers. “I really wanted it that way, para mas tagos,” she said in an interview. “Gusto ko malalim siya.” 

Jaclyn Jose passing death actress veteran versatile best actress cannes ma rosa

In honor of the illustrious actress’ contribution to show business, here are five movies that prove Jaclyn Jose’s versatility in the roles that she played over the years 

Dead acting comes alive

Patay Na Si Hesus opens with Jose’s showcase of her trademark acting style. One would expect some news about death to be delivered with utter shock or implied sadness. But with Jaclyn’s casual tone, having none of the usual emotions tied to the situation present at hand, she proved that less was truly more. In the realm of dark comedy, the actress definitely earned her place.

A thriller attack on her craft

The award-winning artist also had her own take on the loud acting style, as exhibited by her role as Mowie in “Anino” from the horror anthology film series Shake, Rattle & Roll V. Haunted by a shadow figure, she starred alongside Sheryl Cruz in the episode. 

Adding a punch of romantic comedy

Showcasing her comedic timing while keeping her dramatic side in check, Jose also starred in the 2015 film, The Prenup. In her role as Sam Milby’s mother, she was able to play with her own emotions and experiences in her true to life matriarch role. 

Twisting reality with fantasy and laughs

When an actress takes her craft seriously, that doesn’t mean taking on serious roles only. Jaclyn proved that her dramatic side also fit well into mainstream comedy such as Vice Ganda’s 2018 Metro Manila Festival entry, Fantastica. She played as comedian’s mother, Fec, and even had a comical yet brief breaking the fourth wall moment that you shouldn’t miss. 

The award-winning indie experience 

Finally, it would be remiss to talk about Jaclyn Jose’s without the mention of her considered magnum opus, Ma Rosa. Her matriarchal role earned her Best Actress accolade at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and being the first Southeast Asian actress to achieve this distinction. Jose underscored the movie’s impact in her life as she starred alongside her daughter, Andi Eigenmann, in the Brillante Mendoza drama piece. 


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