5 Must-Have Essentials to Unlock Your Inner Explorer This Summer

5 Must-Have Essentials to Unlock Your Inner Explorer This Summer


Have your endless summer vacation and tap into your primal instincts with these 5 essentials for your adventure.

Setting on an adventure isn’t just about traversing from point A to B, but a primal urge ingrained into who we are. Traveling is how we tap into our innate sense of adventure, feeding our masculine spirit with the thrill of the unknown. Through travel, we unleash our instincts, igniting the fire of bravery that courses through our veins, driving us to explore, discover, and conquer. We just want an endless summer vacation—and who do we bring but our lucky traveling essentials?

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MEGA 5 Must-Have Traveling Essentials for Epic Summer Escapes
Buy and bring these summer essentials wherever you go

Travel Bag

Need a lift? No, not for yourself, but for your essentials, of course! Enter the RIMOWA Hand-Carry Case Hammerschlag and the RIMOWA Cabin Hammerschlag, whose name originates from the German term meaning ‘hammer hit.’ These sleek cases boast a distinctive surface that captures and reflects light. The textured aluminum finish is a nod to the brand’s history, offering a musical twist on the polished look.

MEGA 5 Must-Have Traveling Essentials for Epic Summer Escapes
RIMOWA Hammerschlag collection, to carry all other 4 in this list

Drawing connections to the cases’ unique patterns and the rhythmic motions of piano keys that produce sound. It’s like carrying a piece of musical history with you: think of it as the luggage equivalent of piano keys, producing their song of style. With such a stylish companion, you won’t need a curated playlist; your RIMOWA can become your playlist itself; if you literally know how to tap into its rhythm.


Sunglasses are a necessity, and Oakley’s latest creation, the Latch Panel sunglasses, is here to save the day. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Eyeshade frame, these shades come with side shields equipped with latch mechanisms. They’re your bodyguards for your eyes, shielding them from peripheral glare and allowing you to focus on what truly matters without any pesky distractions. 

MEGA 5 Must-Have Traveling Essentials for Epic Summer Escapes
Oakley Latch Panel sunglasses to protect your eyes—just like Paris Saint-Germain baller, Kylian Mbappé

With 5B cylindrical lenses and Oakley’s Prizm™ Lens Technology, you’re guaranteed a crystal-clear view of the world around you, while the thin ear stems ensure a snug fit under any headwear. Who says you can’t look cook without protecting your eyes?


We love our gadgets and we like our fitness, too. With Google’s Pixel Watch 2, you can keep tabs on your gadgets and your fitness without breaking a sweat. Literally. Feeling like you’ve had one adventure too many? No problem! Just check your heart levels with this nifty gadget.

MEGA 5 Must-Have Traveling Essentials for Epic Summer Escapes
Google Pixel Watch 2 to keep track of your adventures

Who says we can’t have it all? It’s a personal health assistant strapped to your wrist, gathering insights about your overall wellness while you catch some Z’s— from blood oxygen levels to irregular heart rhythms, it’s got you covered. Plus, with easy change-ups and sleek design, staying healthy has never looked so good, and so tech.


Love the great outdoors? Well, now you can smell like it too. Introducing the new Bvlgari Pour Homme Eau de Parfum: the fragrance that brings the woods to you, minus the bug bites. It’s not your typical citrusy scent; think more of a crisp aura that somehow manages to be warmly embraced—just like your favorite camping spot. 

MEGA 5 Must-Have Traveling Essentials for Epic Summer Escapes
Bvlgari Pour Homme EDP to keep smelling fresh

And let’s talk about that ginger note. It’s like munching on ginger between bites of sushi; unexpectedly revitalizing yet relaxing, intense yet delicate. Who knew fragrance could be this adventurous? Bvlgari did. 

Power snacks

If there’s one thing we love, it’s to eat a lot. Nutrients and vitamins in the form of power snacks that you can bring anywhere are a godsend from Zeus himself. 

MEGA 5 Must-Have Traveling Essentials for Epic Summer Escapes
Nutrition snacks to get on with your day

When we’re on the move, nothing beats the convenience and nourishment of these healthy and invigorating treats. Whether sourced from fitness shops or local health hubs, these portable goodies are readily available and oh-so-satisfying.

Traveling is an opportunity to assume our courage, to venture into the wilderness of unknown regions, and to revel in the raw beauty of our world. Equipped with our trusty essentials, we tap into our primal instincts and embrace the thrill of the unknown. From stylish luggage to protective eyewear, high-tech gadgets to invigorating fragrances, and nourishing snacks, each item plays a crucial role in enhancing our experiences and allowing us to revel in the joys of exploration. Here’s to a summer filled with unforgettable adventures, shared with our lucky companions, and fueled by the excitement of discovery.

Photos: RIMOWA, BVLGARI, GOOGLE (via website), OAKLEY and NUTRITION DEPOT (via Instagram)
Featured Image: RIMOWA

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