5 New Nail Trends Your Favorite Influencers are Obsessed With

5 New Nail Trends Your Favorite Influencers are Obsessed With


Let your hands do the talking! Here are 5 nail trends we’ve been seeing around the internet being worn by your favorite influencers.

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You’d be surprised at how much nails can complete a look. Having your nails done is both relaxing and a blessing for your future ‘fits. Having nail extensions on can perfectly complement a sultry outfit you have on. On the other hand, cute colorful nails could be the pick me upper for your minimalistic day to day looks. It’s really up to you on how you want to express yourself through your nails.

Just like fashion trends, beauty trends follow a pattern as well. Besides, the makeup look and the nails have to match the outfit. The only difference between the two is that nails last longer on you than makeup would. Gel extensions can stay up for months, while regular polish will be on your fingers for around 2 weeks. So, your best bet is to go for trendy nails that match almost everything. You can take notes from your favorite local influencers and try out the nail design trend they’ve done.

Glazed Donut Nails

Marj Maroket shows us the beauty of glazed donut nails. The trend was first introduced by Hailey Bieber after she took a mirror selfie showing iridescently glowing nails.

Brown Nails

As the true queen of minimalism, Toni Sia wears her nails in a mauve brown hue. They give off a very 90s vibe, while being versatile enough to match most neutral colored looks.

Metallic Nails

Ida Anduyan knows how to work her edgy style with her eyes closed. She hopped on the futuristic trend by getting metallic dripped nails. She chose silver as the main color of the drip.

Psychedelic Nails

Nothing says baddie more than a fresh pair of nails. Killa Kush frequently gets her nails done in Eli Nails and tries out multiple nail trends. She went for a psychedelic pair with sunset colors.

Quirky Nails

Fashion influencer, Ashley Garcia, keeps things fresh and fun with a quirky set of nails. She got heart embossed designs on each finger. They perfectly complement her city girl aesthetic.

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