5 New Style Trends We Spotted In New York Fashion Week

5 New Style Trends We Spotted In New York Fashion Week


Revenge dressing, sherpa jackets, and sexy silhouettes. We can’t wait to try out the newly spotted style trends of New York Fashion Week.

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Another season, another fashion week. That’s the fashion cycle for you. This time around we’re taking a closer look at New York Fashion Week where a total of 64 shows were held both via physical and digital events. Despite the progress in New York’s COVID-19 protocols, many still opted out of this year’s Fall 2022 lineup. One headliner that pulled out from fashion week is CFDA Chairman, Tom Ford. Nevertheless, we still got to witness many amazing shows during the six day event.

As we approach the end of the pandemic, many are looking forward to the new style trends to be predicted by their favorite designers. Will they be taking a step towards the metaverse, incorporate better sustainability plans, or create new silhouettes to cater to the luxe lounge category? We’ve got the lowdown on all the freshly minted trends we spotted at New York Fashion Week.

At the Coach show…
Sherpas & Babydolls
Coach must have taken inspiration from wannabe New York socialite, Anna Delvey, because they have resurrected the babydoll dress. This time we’re seeing it in funky 70s patterns. We’ve also caught the trusty sherpa jacket redone in an oversized fashion for a modern look. Classics made contemporary.

Photo: Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

At the Tory Burch show…
Muted Expressionism
2020 and 2021 were all about maximalism and self-expression and it still is in 2022. The only difference is it uses darker colors, smaller patterns, and plays more on the projected shape of the garments. The models were styled in true New York fashion and we couldn’t get enough.

Photo: Getty Images

At the Michael Kors show…
The Rich Girl Aesthetic
Gossip Girl’s socialite look may have been totally different during the show’s first airing, but the concept still lives on. Michael Kors plays on modern luxury with quality clothing that could be used by the everyday power woman. There’s a mix of sensuality, practicality, and glamour.

Photo: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.com

At the Peter Do show…
Oversized Silhouettes
Who would’ve thought that oversized silhouettes could be body baring and sexy? Peter Do did. The designer utilized experimental tailoring with oversized pieces that exposed parts of the woman, such as the naval, back, shoulders, and chest. It’s an interesting take on comfortable luxury wear.

Photo: Greg Kessler / Courtesy of Peter Do

At the LaQuan Smith show…
Return of Revenge Dressing
Kanye West’s ex and Uncut Gems actress, Julia Fox, opened for the LaQuan Smith show in New York Fashion Week. Immediately, the internet coined it as the ultimate revenge dress. Nowadays, more and more people are going out and taking back the lost time they’ve spent indoors by the way they dress.

Photo: Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

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