5 Perfume Scents Inspired By All Things British

5 Perfume Scents Inspired By All Things British


If you love Twiggy, English bulldogs, and a good #ootd shot inside a red telephone booth, then your heart belongs to the Queen and the rich culture of the Brits. Known for being a fashion capital, the UK is home to numerous designers who pay homage to their country through their creations and Jo Malone is no different. The perfume giant has just revealed their newest collection and it is inspired by all things English.
Master Perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui, bottled fond memories of the United Kingdom in five nostalgic scents, which Jo Malone London is opening it to the public this March. Get a whiff of Jo Malone London’s 5 newest fragrances from their English Fields Collection.

1. English Fields in Poppy & Barley

One quintessential British element is raw poppy. Rooted back to the English countryside, poppy is bright and vibrant, complementing the warm and cotton-soft texture of a barley field. For those lazy Sunday mornings, spritz this scent on a flowy cotton dress, put on a pair of comfy sandal sling-backs, and be transported to the green fields of Hertfordshire.

2. English Fields in Primrose & Rye

A summer in the countryside is very different compared to a tropical sweat fest on the beach. Mathilde captures the sunny atmosphere of a field through her Primrose & Rye mix. She fuses warmed golden corn and bright mimosa on an addictive base of rye and vanilla. She describes it as sunshine in a vial—perfect for dainty, summer OOTD.

3. English Fields in Oat & Cornflower

Brits are known for their vast appreciation for nature and the earth. Jo Malone London seizes the opportunity to capture the rich scent of oats and the sensual spirit of cornflower as fragrant earthy element. They created a concept scent that puts together the mouthwatering texture of oats and the illusion of cornflower through using hedione and white musk.

4. English Fields in Honey & Crocus

Springtime in the valley means only one thing: fields of flowers amidst bumblebees flying over meadows. It was only fitting that Jo Malone London recreate a springtime essence with nectar and honey as its inspiration. The balance of honey and lavender paints the picture of a warm afternoon at grasslands, perfect for girls who love fresh aromas with just the right hint of sweetness.

5. English Fields in Green Wheat & Meadowsweet

Fresh air from the English fields is now inside a Jo Malone London bottle (and it’s all yours too!). The last scent in the collection gives every fragrance addict a chance to take a whiff of a scenic spot in the UK through a fusion of green wheat and meadowsweet. The powdery mixture is aimed to freshen up the overall look and feel of the wearer. Its crisp youthfulness is perfect to spray on after getting out of the shower for an ultimate rejuvenation.
The English Fields Collection is exclusively available at Jo Malone London Greenbelt 5, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Cebu, SM Aura, and SM Megamall.

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