5 Rainbow Makeup Looks You Should Be Wearing This Pride Month (Or All Year Round!)

5 Rainbow Makeup Looks You Should Be Wearing This Pride Month (Or All Year Round!)


Not sure what look to wear for the upcoming pride march? We’ve rounded up a few makeup inspo to get you started!
Bring out rainbows and let the colors shine through this Pride Month! With the Pride March commencing in less than two weeks, it would only be perfect to pick the perfect look that will best show off that bright spectrum. And we all know how our favorite beauty gurus always find ways to elevate every single look out there. So drop the nudes and go full-on rainbow with these fun pride-inspired makeup looks!
From simple to crazy—here are 5 makeup ideas to wear for the Pride March (or maybe even the rest of the month!). Take inspiration from it or follow it step-by-step, these ideas will surely get you in that rainbow spirit even more as the celebration continues. Read on to find out more about the perfect Pride look for you:


Switch your usual brow liners and challenge yourself with the brave colors of the rainbow. Let Nikki (@nikkietutorials) tell you how it’s done as she sports bright and perfect ROYGBIV brows.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

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The rainbow will literally be on your eyes with this fresh new look. You can go pastel to give you a sweet subtle splash of colors on your eyes. Or you can go smoky—fierce and unbothered!

Spectrum Lashes

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Even your lashes can spark the colors of the rainbow. Take it from this Nikki (@nikki_makeup) as she bats her pretty, colorful lashes. This look could be a little tedious but one that’s definitely worth it.

Rainbow Lips

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Turn your lips to a smooth spectrum of colors with this look. YouTuber iluvsarahii spills the products she used to achieve the perfect rainbow lips: MAC Cosmetics’ lipsticks in the shades of Heroine, Ruby Woo, Forbidden Sunrise, Yellow You Dare, Into The Madness, Deep With Envy, and Blue Bang.

Prismatic Highlight

Want something that would make you stand out when the sun hits your face while enjoying the parade? This highlight will give off a prismatic reflection will make your look on fleek real quick!

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