5 Reasons Why Miss Dior Is The Fragrance This Season

5 Reasons Why Miss Dior Is The Fragrance This Season


A celebration of love and fortune best describes this season. Festive feels are all around with love in the air from Valentine’s Day, while Chinese traditions are kept alive with Chinese Lunar New Year. Both celebrations are causes for passions to be felt through love languages – and gift-giving is at the top! For us fashion girls, we look to life mogul Natalie Portman and follow suit in giving love the way Miss Dior does it.
Keep this fragrance close by as love is passed around in a Miss Dior bottle. Need a little bit more convincing? Here are 5 reasons why Dior’s iconic fragrance will be your scent this season of love and fortune.

1. It comes in varying intensities

Fit for any woman who is looking for a fun and feminine scent, Miss Dior gives different versions of their classic fragrance with varying intensities. Our personal favorite? The Miss Dior Eau De Parfum that infuses different types of roses in one glorious bottle. Give love back to your favorite loved one by introducing a new fragrance in their perfume collection.

2. You can wear it for both day and night

Easily buildable, each Miss Dior perfume can be layered with more spritzes of your chosen variant. Fret not for busy days where you need a quick freshen up to go from day to night, wear another perfume layer without fear of smelling too pungent.

3. There are both feminine and masculine notes

When choosing a signature scent, go for unexpected ingredients for an unforgettable smell. One of the main ingredients in creating the Miss Dior concoction is a mix of wild rose essences. To complement the ultra-feminine scent is spicy Calabrian bergamot and zesty citrus to create a complex mix that will tickle everyone’s senses.

4. The scent is made to recreate the scent of a first love

For girls who are romantics at heart, choose a fragrance inspired by the whirlwind romances women experience with their first love. Capture the exciting notes that give your overall look character and a sexy spirit.

5. The concoction promotes self-love

There’s no stronger passion than the unswerving love for oneself. Trade up your current perfume with one that is built by the strong willpower of self-love of women. Trust in the words of Natalie Portman as she lends her voice to those women who need a helping hand in the love department. Miss Dior herself admits that there is no stronger love than self-love (Yas girl!).
For more info, contact the Dior Boutique at tel. no. 957-3560 and mobile no. 0906-288-8780.

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