5 Reasons That Prove Melai Cantiveros is a Real Entertainer

5 Reasons That Prove Melai Cantiveros is a Real Entertainer


Melai continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry as a host, actress, and performer for her charming honesty and natural sense of humor

Making people laugh is an underrated ability that not everyone can master as it takes a great mind to come up with witty remarks right on time. But it also takes a good and genuine heart to elicit an organic reaction from the audience. Luckily, for Melai Cantiveros, she is both. 

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Melai Cantiveros entertainer entertainment actress host comedy comedian show film
Melai is a well-rounded entertainer as an all out performer, host, and actress; Photo: MELAI CANTIVEROS FRANCISCO (via Instagram)

Since her Big Winner victory at Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the well-rounded entertainer established her place in the industry as a versatile star for taking on a number of roles. Today, she is a comedian who acts, sings, dances, and hosts. Almost 15 years since her first television appearance as a housemate, Melai has grown into her place in the industry without forgetting her real self. With that, here are the ways she has proven her true entertainer status. 

The funny is in her bones

During her PBB stint, the General Santos native captivated the hearts of her fellow housemates for her expressive emotions and trademark statements such as “Ohwver ohwver!” From meeting her longtime crush Jericho Rosales to meeting her partner in life, fellow housemate Jason Francisco, she has never shielded away from showing her genuine reaction in every situation, making people love her even more. Fast forward to today, her daughters, Mela and Stella, inherited her comical nature. They, too, now have their fair share of moments entertaining the audience like their mother. 

She knows how to deliver

Whether we are talking about her hosting spiels or an unexpected adlib, trust in the Magandang Buhay host to shine without taking away the spotlight from their guests. Over the years, clips from the morning show went viral with Melai joining actors like Angel Aquino and Xyriel Manabat for an acting showdown. Besides this segment, she also knows how to carry conversations and make them more insightful. She does this by encouraging their guests to speak and giving them a safe space to feel relaxed and comfortable through her light jokes. 

Storytelling is her ace

Being on the receiving end of interviews, the Ma’am Chief star keeps the exchange going through her life anecdotes that are equally hilarious and thoughtful. One moment you are laughing from the stories of her life, and the next one you are almost shedding a tear for the realizations that you can share with her. A real entertainer, indeed, does know to leave you with nuggets of wisdom through their craft. 

She loves to explore her talent

Melai’s big winner status went way past Pinoy Big Brother. Did you know that she was also hailed as the grand winner of Your Face Sounds Familiar after impersonating superstars and leveling with their all-out performances? Apart from this, she also starred alongside Pokwang in We Will Survive, whereas her big screen comeback as Selda in Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul brought back her dramatic side, proving that more than making people laugh, Melai makes us feel raw emotions.

Generosity is her key open secret

Growing as a well-rounded entertainer, Melai values the importance of building relationships with people. She never fails to show gratitude to her Magandang Buhay co-hosts Jokina Magdangal and Regine Velasquez for their real friendship, as well as to her friends in the industry, namely former co-host Karla Estrada, Kim Chiu, Robi Domingo, Enchong Dee, Bianca Gonzalez, and more. The Asia Artist Award Best Actress even shared her own experience of being guided by Bianca during their PBB hosting stint. Knowing the impact of sharing, Melai is also a giver. Did you know that she once paid for Francine Diaz’s electricity bill when the actress was still starting out in the industry? 

Undeniably, finding your own place in show business is no joke. And although Melai knows how to make us laugh, she takes her craft seriously. That alone already makes her a true entertainer. 

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