5 Reasons Why BINI is Called the Filipino Nation’s Girl Group

5 Reasons Why BINI is Called the Filipino Nation’s Girl Group


BINI is all over our feeds and we’re loving it. Discover how the empowered girl group contributed to the rise of Philippine pop music globally.

BINI is representative of the young, modern, and excellent Filipina. Their music is fun, fearless, and sweet. Late last year, the group released Karera and Pantropiko, with the latter earning more than three million streams and spending several weeks on the Top 10 of Spotify’s Viral Chart Philippines. Today, BINI is at the forefront of the local music scene and has delivered a new impression on the rising game of Philippine pop. Read on for five things you need to know about the eight-member girl group.

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The octet thanks their supporters for bringing their “tropical energy” to the group’s UP Fair performance last weekend

1. BINI has been actively contributing to Philippine pop music since 2021

BINI’s vocal and dance prowess always stand out in their performances

The eight members, Colet, Maloi, Aiah, Mikha, Stacey, Gwen, Sheena, and their leader, Jhoanna, were brought together to represent the modern Filipina—as referenced in their name, lifted from Binibini. After going viral with their remake of Da Coconut Nut in 2020, the girls took a fiercer turn with their official debut release in 2021, Born To Win. Since then, with a few other releases, BINI is bold in showcasing their performance skills to the country—and they are finally being recognized for it.

2. Their viral hit song, Pantropiko, marks a significant moment in P-Pop’s global recognition

BINI welcomes the summer with warm and groovy Pantropiko

BINI continues to champion the local music industry with Pantropiko, which soared in Spotify and TikTok and has since become a testament to the group’s worldwide appeal. In a demonstration of their growing global presence, BINI’s success sets new standards for other P-Pop artists with their contribution to a broader appreciation of Philippine music on global platforms. The song, which reminds you of a warm summer day and basking in the sun with your loved one, reminds you of the power of music to transcend temporal constraints. With the song, BINI has propelled their music to a wider audience, reinforcing their footprint in the local and the global music industry.

3. BINI boosted local tourism and Filipino culture with their YouTube series

The girl group takes you to Intramuros in one of their Roadtrip Adventures episodes

Last 2022, BINI launched a new series on their YouTube channel called “BINI Roadtrip Adventures.” In partnership with DOST, the group traveled around the country to showcase the best spots for food, vacation, and outdoor activities. The series brought out the beauty of the Philippines tourist destinations and gave appreciation to our culture as a support to the tourism sector.

4. BINI strives to commit to their artistic and creative freedom

BINI on ASAP for their Kapit Lang performance

As revealed by the rise and roar of Pantropiko on digital platforms, Sheena, the main dancer of the group, helped with the choreography—especially the chorus. Her touch on the dance shines even brighter in the group’s live performances and from all the TikTokers hopping in on the dance trend. Members Aiah, Mikha, Stacey, and Colet also wrote lyrics for their songs such as Kapit Lang and Golden Arrow. Their commitment to being hands-on with their work demonstrates a keen understanding of their own and their audience’s craving for authentic music and passion. This sets BINI apart as trailblazers in the P-Pop industry.

5. BINI is embracing a new chapter in their music

BINI on Talaarawan: “A diary for our blooms”

The octet is set to release a highly anticipated first EP titled Talaarawan this March. Last Valentine’s day, the ABS-CBN ELJ building in Quezon City lit up in pink to herald the arrival of their new era. In line with taking the reins in their artistic freedom, the group has ventured deeper into exploring their craft with this EP. Talaarawan, according to the members, is a diary that their fans can turn to—diving into themes of love, friendship, and other slices of life.

Photos and Featured Image: BINI PH and Star Music PH

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