5 Reasons Why Keys to the Heart is a Must-Watch Filipino Film

5 Reasons Why Keys to the Heart is a Must-Watch Filipino Film


Keys to the Heart is an adaptation that played with the Filipino lens, making it more relatable for our own experiences

Right off the bat, Keys to the Heart offers two themes that are all too familiar with Filipinos—music and boxing. These, too, were inherent in the original 2018 Korean picture. But with Director Kerwin Go’s approach of storytelling, coupled with the portrayal of Elijah Canlas, Zanjoe Marudo, Michelle Dee, and Dolly de Leon, the movie became Filipino on its own. 

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If you are looking for your next favorite motion picture, MEGA Entertainment gives you five reasons why Keys to the Heart is exactly what you are looking for, and more.

A narrative for dreamers

In the film, Elijah and Zanjoe, who play Jayjay and Joma, respectively, captured two kinds of talents. There are those who are naturally gifted, but need a sense of direction. Meanwhile, some continue to fight tooth and nail despite the hardships just to claim victory. Although the main story revolves around their relationships with one another, the individual arcs of Jayjay and Joma will surely win your hearts. At the end of the day, having someone who has your back does a lot when you want to reach for your dreams. 

Keys to the Heart Elijah Canlas Zanjoe Marudo Dolly De Leon film

A real take on family 

Another plus point to Keys to the Heart was the realistic take on how family members grapple with their roles in their respective households. At one point in our lives, we have found ourselves ruminating on our own purpose, haven’t we? The themes of sacrifice and forgiveness were present in the film as well, as much as it has always been told and retold in the real-life scenarios with our own parents, siblings, relatives, and ourselves. 

Keys to the Heart Elijah Canlas Zanjoe Marudo Dolly De Leon film

A case of chemistry

Marudo and Canlas’ brotherly bond is one of the reasons why one can enjoy watching. According to the older actor, it was through their adlibs during their look test scene that he saw the potential of their chemistry as brothers. “‘Yung chemistry kasi, mas masaya kapag hindi put-on, hindi pinipilit na magkaroon,” Canlas added, commenting on their organic appeal. Sharing a mutual respect for one another, Elijah and Zanjoe praised each of their openness and kindness on the set. 

Keys to the Heart Elijah Canlas Zanjoe Marudo Dolly De Leon film

Besides their brotherly love, Jayjay and Joma’s respective relationships with their mother, played by Dolly de Leon, were also a highlight of the film. Again, it was brought about by their collaborative mindset with one another. The Senior High star shared, “Ginupit ko kasi ‘yung bangs ko before the shoot. Ta’s sabi ko, ‘Ikaw, Nanay, ‘yung nag-cut ng bangs ko, ah.’ Sabi niya [de Leon], ‘Wow! Okay.’ Then sa mga scenes namin, hinahawakan na niya ‘yung hair ko lagi, checking my hair.” 

A lesson on approach

At first read, the movie’s slightly heavy premise might fool you with the experience you are about to have while watching. But another Filipino side underscored was how we tend to make light of difficult situations, adding laughs to alleviate the hardships one goes through alone or as a team. Among those who effectively exhibited a natural comedic take on his role was Zanjoe. Joma’s nuances were a far cry from those of his recent character, Aidan Fiero, in Dirty Linen. One of the best moments that solidified Joma’s seriousness to pursue professional boxing was his comical idolization of Manny Pacquiao. 

Keys to the Heart Elijah Canlas Zanjoe Marudo Dolly De Leon film

When asked about his attack on his character, Marudo credited his coworkers for bringing out this comedy-drama balance in him. “Ang ganda nung story, nung script, ‘yung original na ginawa ng Korea. Nandito yung magaling na team, kasama na binubuo sabay-sabay ‘yung movie. ‘Pag sila ‘yung katrabaho mo, pare-pareho ‘yung vision, ‘yung goal, magiging natural lahat.

A film for everyone

Working hard to make a dream come true? Finding a way to reconnect paths? Looking for some meaning in your life? Simply wanting to enjoy a new release? Keys to the Heart attempts to answer these questions. Because of its right mix of natural humor and heartwarming scenes, it caters to every audience’s need to feel, to fight, and to find things in their lives. You will see yourself relating to Annette, played by Dee, if you are looking for another meaning to your dream. With Sylvia, the role of de Leon, you don’t have to be a mother to understand why she wants to bring her sons together. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the movie take you to a rollercoaster of lessons and emotions. 

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