5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Smart Watch

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Smart Watch


Have you gotten into the smart watch game yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should invest on your first smartwatch.

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We’re living in the future. There was a time when using your watch as a communication device was only something we saw in cartoons. Now, they’re more accessible than ever. Many brands who carry timepieces have evolved to introducing a new line of smart watches. One of these brands is Fossil. They’re now at their 6th edition of the Fossil Gen Smartwatch. It’s packed with new and improved features on all fronts, including longer battery life and seamless compatibility with Google’s newest version of Watch OS.

If you’re seriously considering purchasing your very first smart watch, here are 5 things you can benefit from it. You’d be surprised how helpful a small piece of tech can be to your daily life.

1. Be able to track your health stats
You can get an estimated blood oxygen measurement to see how well your body is circulating oxygen. Aside from this, you can use the heart rate tracking feature, which can help if you have any heart related issues or if you’re working out.

2. Less phone screen time
There’s no need to pull out your phone to see emails or quick messages. Sometimes a 5 second glance can turn into 15-30 minutes of online browsing. This will definitely help out on your productivity.

3. Know how much energy you got from sleep
You never really know how much energy you get after a night of sleep. Know the difference between light sleep and restful sleep. Many factors can affect sleep quality, so it’s best to keep track which activities help you sleep better.

4. Seamless interaction between all your gadgets
Want to schedule a dinner with your friends or a meeting with your colleagues? You can do that seamlessly from your smart watch to your gadgets. Many smart watches offer in-app integrations, such as Google Watch OS.

5. Most accessible way to communicate
Have you ever missed a call because you’re looking for your phone? There’s no need to fret when you can take calls from your watch. The Fossil Gen 6 offers call options that work directly with your cellphone line.

Check out the new Fossil Gen 6 smart watch by visiting Fossil’s boutiques in Alabang Town Center, Uptown Center, Ayala Malls Vertis North, MarQuee Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, SM Megamall, or SM Southmall. You can also see updates on their socials and website.

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