5 Signs Whether Your Crush Has Rizz or is Torpe

5 Signs Whether Your Crush Has Rizz or is Torpe


Navigating the world of crushes is no easy feat, but armed with these signs, you’re well on your way to decoding whether your crush has rizz

Are you currently crushing on someone and trying to decode the mysterious signals they’re sending your way? Don’t worry, we can work as your dating support system! But first, let’s try to get an understanding on what the new dating lingos are. In the Philippines, we’ve got rizz and torpe—two totally opposite adjectives. 

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Rizz is like having a magical charm potion mixed with charisma, making you the effortlessly cool cat who can turn heads with a single wink. Think of it as the secret sauce that turns you into the ultimate heartthrob without even breaking a sweat. 

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Now, on the flip side, we’ve got torpe—it’s like that moment when you accidentally trip on your own shoelace while trying to make an entrance. Yep, torpe is all about those awkwardly adorable vibes when you’re crushing so hard, you forget how to adult around your crush. 

We know that navigating the world of crushes can be as confusing as deciding which filter to use on your latest Instagram post. So, let’s dive into the ultimate guide on how to tell if your crush has rizz or if they’re totally torpe when it comes to matters of the heart.

The Smooth Operator vs. the Awkward Penguin



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Let’s say you’re at a party and your crush walks in. What would they do?

Rizz: If they effortlessly glide through the crowd, engaging everyone in conversation and leaving a trail of giggles in their wake, girl, you’ve got yourself a dose of rizz right there! 

Torpe: If your crush stumbles over their words, forgets how to make eye contact, and spills their drink, it might be a classic torpe move. But hey, we’ve all been there—even the hottest of hot can freeze up when faced with their crush.

The Social Media Swagger

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Ah, social media—the virtual playground where rizz and torpe tendencies shine through. 

Rizz: If your crush’s online presence is filled with witty captions, charming selfies, and effortlessly cool stories, they’re giving off some major rizz vibes. 

Torpe: If their posts consist of blurry cat photos and cryptic memes that even the most advanced memeologist couldn’t decipher, well, let’s just say they might be leaning towards the torpe end of the spectrum.

The Texting Tango


Now, let’s talk about the digital dance known as texting. 

Rizz: If your crush is a master of timely replies, flirty emojis, and clever wordplay, congratulations, you’ve got a rizz maestro on your hands! 

Torpe: If their responses are one-word wonders or take longer to arrive than your online store packages, it might be a sign that they’re caught in the torpe web. Remember, torpe texting can happen to the best of us, especially when nerves get in the way.

The Wingman Approval

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Your BFFs are the ultimate judges of character, right? 

Rizz: If your friends can’t stop raving about how your crush oozes charm, has impeccable style, and could give lessons on how to work a room, then you have scored some major rizz points. 

Torpe: On the other hand, if your pals have that “what’s going on?” look whenever your crush is around, it could be a sign that torpe vibes are lurking nearby. But hey, who needs approval when your heart’s doing the talking?

The Grand Gesture Gambit


Pa-cute amf

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We’ve all seen it in movies—the grand gesture that leaves you weak in the knees. 

Rizz: If your crush has a knack for swoon-worthy surprises, heart-fluttering compliments, and making you feel like you’re the star of your own rom-com, they’re definitely channeling their inner rizz. 

Torpe: If their attempts at romance involve accidentally spilling ketchup on their shirt while trying to impress you with their burger-eating skills, don’t be too quick to label them as torpe. Sometimes, the most endearing moments come from genuine efforts, mishaps and all.

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