5 Smart Accessories That Promote Health and Wellness

5 Smart Accessories That Promote Health and Wellness


There’s more to health and fitness technology than smartwatches. We’re broadening your ideas of smart technology with these five investment-worthy products

We’ve talked plenty about smartwatches and smart sportswear, but have you ever heard about smart bottles? What about smart headbands and visors? To broaden your ideas of what technology is capable of, we’ve listed our top five smart accessories worth investing in this 2023. These products are definite must-haves if you are invested in your personal health and growth as an athlete and have the means to get them.

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HidrateSpark PRO

Photos: HIDRATESPARK (via Instagram)

HidrateSpark was created in 2014 to help people develop healthier lifestyles. To this day, they uphold this mission and continue to develop their technology, thus earning the title “the world’s smartest water bottle ever created.” We spotlight the HidrateSpark PRO in particular, which is a large yet lightweight bottle that tracks your water intake by syncing via Bluetooth to the HidrateSpark App. And, when it’s time to drink, the bottle glows to remind you to pick it up and hydrate yourself. This bottle is also shatter and odor-resistant, while the app helps you meet your hydration goals by letting you compete in fun challenges and earn trophies.

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FocusCalm EEG Headband

Photo: FOCUSCALM (via Instagram)

Next up is the FocusCalm EEG Headband, which is a wearable neurofeedback that can train your brain to become more focused and calm. This wearable piece of technology connects to the FocusCalm app to let you view your FocusCalm score, a real-time display of your brain activity on a scale from zero to 100. Here, a low score translates to an active or stressed brain, while a higher score means your brain is calmer and more tranquil. With the app, you can increase your score using its brain training exercises, games, guided meditations, and more. Notably, according to FocusCalm, using the neurofeedback and app for seven minutes a day can help improve your mental health.

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Polar H10

Photo: POLAR (via Instagram)

Called the gold standard of heart rate measurement, the Polar H10 is a wireless chest strap monitor that tracks your heart rate with accuracy even throughout high-intensity exercise. The Polar H10 is the go-to heart rate monitor and training device for medical researchers and professional athletes worldwide because of its precision and features. With it, you can record a training session, connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and sync to various fitness and sports applications. Additionally, part of what makes this specific product so useful is that it’s both comfortable to wear and yet stays put, blocking out motion interference as you move.

Zygo Solo

Photos: ZYGO (via Instagram)

Next up on the list is the Zygo Solo, which is an underwater headset that, through Bluetooth, can stream anything from music to audiobooks from your phone. And with the Zygo app, you can access their curated playlists, as well as guided audio workouts specific to your swim session, in terms of pool length, duration, difficulty level, and more. While underwater, you can even listen to live coaching from the app through the transmitter, making this the perfect device for both beginners and seasoned swimmers to use for training. Not only that, but this innovative underwater headset also has a secure fit so you don’t have to worry about losing it, and is safe to use in every type of water. Finally, the Zygo Solo boasts a long-lasting battery, with two to three hours for the headset and six to eight hours for the one-way transmitter.

HAKII MIXV Smart Bluetooth Visor Headphones

Photos: HAKII (via Instagram)

Last on our list is the HAKII MIXV Smart Bluetooth Visor Headphones. These headphones are lightweight and stable, but while the previously mentioned headset is meant for use underwater, these are designed for use under the sun as it’s sun protective, with UPF 50+ sun protection and 8cm extended brim. This device also balances both form and function, with its stylish and sleek design and impressive array of functions. Notably, the visor headphones can cancel out far-field sounds, have 22mm powerful bass drivers, as well as two microphones for phone calls. Not only that, but this visor has eight hours of listening time on one charge and is made to withstand splashes, sweat, and rain, making it the appropriate headset for outdoor sports.

Featured Image: HIDRATESPARK (via Instagram)

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