5 Stylish And Sophisticated Filipiniana Dresses Parade In The Inauguration

5 Stylish And Sophisticated Filipiniana Dresses Parade In The Inauguration


During the ceremony at the National Museum, we see an array of gorgeous Filipiniana dresses designed by the country’s respected designers.

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As the nation watched President Marcos’ Inauguration, a parade of Filipiniana dresses made their way at the National Museum and we can’t help but recall the first design. An ensemble that consisted of a camisa, pañuela, and saya— each piece is designed harmoniously to create a set called the baro’t saya. But as time passed, the Filipiniana ventured into different names. Some we are familiar with such as the Maria Clara, Traje de Mestiza, and Terno. Each name referencing a version of the national costume yet the Filipiniana symbolizes something greater and never changing. 

And as the women brought style and grace in the Inauguration, we see beautiful interpretations of Ramon Valera’s design, the Butterfly Sleeves. A unique design that unifies each piece of the baro’t saya to create a single silhouette with extravagant sleeves to honor the original design. Well-known and respected Filipino designers have been chosen to create pieces that would embody the women’s character in their own creative interpretations.

Liza Araneta

A sophisticated and refined piece for the First Lady. Made with vintage piña fabric, the intricate handwoven piece was designed by London-based designer Lesley Mobo. 

Toni Gonzaga

A sleek and clean silhouette was meticulously hand draped in silk chiffon with an endearing sampaguita broock to complete the ensemble. An elegant and classy piece designed by Mark Bumgarner.

Isabelle Daza

A custom made piece in full lace lined with silk gazar and statement butterfly sleeves that evokes a natural sophistication was designed by Vania Romoff.

Alexandra Rocha

The flowy and radiant white highlights the embroidery that cascades down the silhouette. A piece with such understated elegance with different textiles of white— another beautiful design by Lesley Mobo.

Emmeline Villar

In a simple and clean design, a bejeweled flock of bees dance around the silhouette designed by Puey Quinones. 

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