5 Statement Bags Made by Young Filipino Designers

5 Statement Bags Made by Young Filipino Designers


Get ready to slay the style game and show the world that Filipino fashion is where it’s at with these five fashionable finds

We’ve got some major bag envy coming your way. We scoured the bustling streets of Manila and the vibrant markets of Cebu to bring you the scoop on the hottest bags that are not only fabulously stylish, but also eco-conscious. These young Filipino designers are shaking up the fashion scene with their creativity, innovation, and commitment to sustainability. Definitely goes to show that we Filipinos truly got a knack for fashion. 

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Get ready to up your accessory game with these five statement bags by young Filipino designers that are causing a serious fashion frenzy.


Imagine a bag that’s not only a feast for the eyes, but also a work of art. That’s exactly what LE NGOK’s 3D printed bag brings to the table—or should we say, to your arm? Handwoven straps add a touch of tradition to this futuristic masterpiece, making each bag a one-of-a-kind gem. You’ll be strutting down the street turning heads and stopping traffic. Trust us, this bag is the ultimate street style flex.

Filipino Bags LE NGOK
Photo: LE NGOK (via Instagram)


Is it a tote? Is it a clutch? Hold on to your seatbelts because Jorem’s black and white stringy bag is the ultimate fashion magician. With its transformative powers, you’ll be switching up your look faster than you can say “outfit change.” Whether you’re heading to a chic brunch or dancing the night away, this bag’s got your back—literally. Time to unleash your inner style chameleon, honey!

Filipino Bags Jorem
Photo: JOREM (via Instagram)


Want to rock the world and save it at the same time? RioTaso’s colorful patchwork bags are here to make a statement, both for fashion and the planet. These beauties are crafted from recycled materials, turning fashion waste into pure slayage. From quirky shapes to roomy sizes, there’s a patchwork piece to match every mood and occasion. Now you can strut your stuff while showing Mother Earth some love. Yas, queen!

Filipino Bags RioTaso
Photo: RIOTASO (via Instagram)


Monochromatic mavens, this one’s for you! Capricho’s handwoven rattan bags are a nod to timeless beauty with a dash of modern flair. Think elegant white and rich brown hues with a sprinkle of colorful surprise—talk about making a statement! These bags are a must-have for the minimalist fashionista who’s all about that sophisticated vibe. Get ready to channel those chic tropical vacay vibes no matter where you are.

Filipino Bags Capricho
Photo: CAPRICHO (via Instagram)


Calling all rebel hearts and grunge goddesses! Overlay’s edgy handbags are here to add some rock ‘n roll to your wardrobe. The belt buckle-inspired strap screams “badass with a hint of nostalgia,” and the array of colors lets you express your mood of the day. From rebellious red to moody black, these bags are an ode to the alternative fashionista in all of us. Time to unleash your inner rockstar!

Filipino Bags Overlay
Photo: OVERLAY (via Instagram)

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