5 Style Guides According to Specific Spotify Daylists

5 Style Guides According to Specific Spotify Daylists


The fresh music sunup to sundown you have on your Spotify is ever-changing—depending on your mood and the time of the day. Your style is, too.

The highly specific playlists called “daylist” on Spotify are made for every version of you—dynamic and playful, it sets the mood for the tracks you might want to be listening to right now. It’s a more well-timed representation of your music tastes. Much like the daylist, your outfits and style are also ever-changing and a hyper-personalized extension of your preferences and mood. Of course, there’s debate around whether such prescriptive trends are necessary, but fashion is all about experimenting with your look and inhabiting different versions of you. With that, here’s a style guide according to 5 specific Spotify daylist titles.

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Cowgirl Time Travel Friday

Just in time for Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter and the viral Austin song by Dasha, the cowboycore trend is saddling up in Filipino and global fashion. Inspired by the rugged west, this style is seeing lots of fringe, denim on denim, buckles with vintage hardware, cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hats. It’s a hoedown of old-school vibes plus your own unique design treatment.

Hot Chocolate Cottagecore Evening

This style is as titular as it gets—the aesthetic of cottagecore is not unfamiliar. It’s an idealized lifestyle that romanticizes rural country living—cultivating a farm, gardening, practicing traditional forms of craft such as crocheting and baking. Think elderflower cordials, homemade jams, and sourdough bread. Indeed the picture of someone who celebrates simple living and is harmonious with nature, this style veers toward natural fabrics and comfortable silhouettes—apron dresses that have all the practicalities of overalls but with the easy-breezy summer sensibility, gingham and embroidery that are the heart of the aesthetic and the image of your local county fair, and milkmaid tops with dainty puff sleeves and perfect for layering under your favorite renaissance faire corset or for wearing on its own. 

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Friday Evening

While fall is still months away, some style themselves effortlessly based on the cozy season. Lean into the snuggly autumn vibe by playing up cozy tones and textures—cardigans, cashmere, corduroy, chunky knits in caramel, camel, mocha, and toffee tones. Cable-knit stockings, soft flannels, and teddy bear jackets are all in the wardrobe, and knitwear is the go-to—whether in the form of a cardigan, pullover, or vest, they’re the cuddly heroes of the autumnal closet. Think denim overalls, midi skirts, and cozy pants. Some accessories include scarves, blazers, fuzzy bags, and tall boots.

Chai Latte Writing Monday Morning

All about the aesthetic of higher education, the arts, calligraphy, museums, writing or reading, and classic Greek and Gothic architecture, the dark academia style of this daylist is the prep school fashion with a darker, perhaps gothic, twist. Palettes of black, dark brown, forest green, and burgundy, contrasted with cream, gold, and orange in the classics of the college look such as Oxford shirts, blazers, tweed trousers, trench coats, duffles and knitted waistcoats. Turtlenecks, vests, plaid skirts, and slacks are the staples, jumpers worn loosely around the shoulders and effortlessly tied at the front, with loafers, Chelsea boots, or Dr. Martens are the shoes of choice. Accessorize with brooches, glasses, ties, and knee-high socks.

Delulu Hopeless Romantic Wednesday Morning

We gear on to the popular coquette style for this daylist. The hyper-feminine take on an Old English style sets itself past societal pressures to reject soft and pink, and embraces pastels, bows, puffy shoulders, and delicate patterns such as lace and silk. The hopeless romantic includes staples such as ballet flats with tights or cute socks, corsets, tops with small yet impactful details such as ruffles, and pleated and short or long and silky skirts. Your accessories include ribbons, scrunchies, bows, sheer tights, and gold jewelry.


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