5 Style Lessons You Can Learn From The Women Of The Politician

5 Style Lessons You Can Learn From The Women Of The Politician


Ryan Murphy’s The Politician, his first project with Netflix, is a gold mine of high school wit and waggery.

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The Politician is brilliant, let’s agree on that as a matter-of-fact. All things considered, it offers nuggets of wisdom that one needs to survive school and ultimately, win at life, like dealing with social pressure, coping with heartbreak, making friendships work, and achieving goals.

The show is also big on extra. Think opulence and luxury, hyper-stylized visual elements that not just keep your eyes glued to the screen but also complement the story. It’s a look book of the Instagrammable Santa Barbara aesthetic (Manicured lawns! Mediterranean-style stucco houses! Tanned hotties!)

Aside from learning how to slay goals, we’ve been taking style notes from our favorite characters on The Politician. Add these to your OOTD pegs.

Lesson #1: For an edgy feminine look, pair a dress with ankle boots

Astrid (played by Lucy Boynton) is pretty on the outside, but tough as nails on the inside. Her ensembles of mostly dresses paired with ankle boots show just the right mix of flirt and edge.

Lesson #2: Wearing a suit and sneakers makes you look effortlessly cool

Take a cue from McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss), wearing a suit and sneakers levels up your style cred exponentially. Do it right, though. Kicks should be clean and your suit—no matter what color or print— crisp to look sophisticated, not sloppy.

Lesson #3: Look like a million bucks in a jewel-toned kaftan or gown paired with bold accessories

If you want to live the luxe life, you have to channel it 24/7. Look world-class and well-traveled in ultra-glam ensembles even when you’re just at home doing mundane things. Actually, especially when you’re just at home doing mundane things. Payton’s mom, Georgina (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the peg for Lady of Leisure. At home doing a hobby, she looked stunning in an emerald green kaftan, and big bold accessories. While gardening, she donned a big ruby red ball gown, heat be damned.

Lesson #4: Be extra every now and then

Going over the top once in a while is a fun way to inject some vogue into your vibe. Thinking of wearing oversized colored shades like McAfee? Try it. Considering a string of pearls to go with a simple blouse like Alice (Julia Schlaepfer)? Go for it. Wearing blue lipstick like Skye (Rahne Jones)? Do it.

Lesson #5: Keep warm but still look sexy by showing off just the right amount of skin

Astrid’s a style star. She can pull off knee-high black socks, black ankle boots, a big bright red hoodie, and a large denim jacket in 12-degree weather. Hello, hotness!

What were your favorite outfits among the women of The Politician?


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