5 Style Tips & Trends We Picked Up From the Streets of Tokyo

5 Style Tips & Trends We Picked Up From the Streets of Tokyo


 Japanese fashion has been taking over the Western scene for years, purveying plenty of streetwear trends and designs. And when we speak of modern Japanese dressing, the elaborate stylings on the streets of Harajuku come to mind with its array of quirky individualism.

Today, however, it’s no longer just about whimsical clothes in Tokyo. The city definitely has its own cool groove with sleek ensembles that give major European fashion cities a run for their money. But of course, their style still rings true to Japanese sensibilities with their distinct adventurous flair. Fashion girls from every district are revamping classic wardrobe staples to liven up ensembles that will inspire us all to step up our street style game.

Below are five trends we love, courtesy of Tokyo’s eclectic fashion scene and something every fashion enthusiast should incorporate into their #OOTDs: 

1. Oversized Outerwear

Photos from HighSnobiety

The maximalist aesthetic is still dominating the streets of Tokyo. Punch up exaggerated layers of oversized outerwear with a pair of leather boots or fishnets.

2. Pops of Color

Photo from (left) Vogue and (right) Cut&Paste

A minimalist style has proven to be a look that’s both chic and relaxed, but mixing in splashes of bold colors (whether it’s a vivid pink lip or a pair of red heels) will add more pizzazz to your ensemble.

3. Playing With Proportions

Photo from (left) Vogue and (right) Cut&Paste

This trend focuses more on silhouettes as opposed to the size of the garments (see oversized outerwear above). Opt to experiment with asymmetry with unexpected textures and cohesive hues to create a look that’s easy on the eyes, but still absolutely edgy.

4. Textured Jumpsuits

Photo from WhoWhatWear

Head-to-toe denim can either be a statement look or a fashion faux pas (remember Britney and Justin’s red carpet look in the ’00s?). Instead, a good denim jumpsuit can easily be re-created with a pair of wide leg dungarees and a matching jean jacket. Style the textured look with black platform leather brogues and a dark-colored mini satchel for a laid-back look.

5. Deconstruction

Photo from (left) Vogue and (right) Tokyo Fashion

Embrace a more experimental side to styling through redefining cuts and silhouettes. An entirely polished look is not always the best way to go; looking a little roughed up and undone adds a grungy panache to any look. Layering Oxford shirts with military-style jackets or loosening the sleeves of your jumper can inject a characteristic swag to a regular ensemble.

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