5 Stylish Celebrity Mother-Daughter Tandems

5 Stylish Celebrity Mother-Daughter Tandems


We know exactly where these fashionable daughters got their sense of style from

For some, our mothers essentially laid the groundwork for our passion for fashion. The same can be said for these daughters in showbiz—not only do these young women share their mothers’ gorgeous looks, but they also inherited their sense of style. Some of these twinning situations will have you doing a double take, taking the adage “like mother, like daughter” to a whole new level. Nonetheless, we adore spotting stylish celebrity mother-daughter tandems out and about, so here are five cases where celebrities prove that good taste is genetic.

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Sunshine and Angelina Cruz

Seasoned actress and mother of three Sunshine always looks amazing, whether she’s at the beach, on a casual day out, or dressing up—and she’s given daughter Angelina the ability to wear and stun in nearly anything. Angelina’s modern elegance in her sartorial preferences are no doubt influenced by her mother’s explorative style in different hues and fabrics. It’s also no secret that this tandem are best friends—and shopping looks like it’s definitely a bonding activity.

Mother and daughter in complementing silk white outfits
Less is more for this duo—vibrant and simple maxi dresses for a trip to the beach is enough
Sunshine’s youthful energy is bursting in her outfit choices; she also made the crochet top Angelina is wearing

Ruffa and Lorin Gutierrez

This duo makes even grocery shopping chic—they never fail to make a fashion statement wherever they go, and it’s clear that Lorin gets her panache in fashion from her mother. When your mom is a certified fashionista in show business on and off camera, it may be difficult to live up to her reputation, but Lorin holds her own wherever she goes.

This power tandem in pink and white made grocery shopping look so stylish
Mother and daughter in white breezy fabrics and shades to suit the summer weather
The green accent in both their ensembles make them stand out

Chesca and Kendra Kramer

Team Kramer never misses when it comes to style, and it’s all thanks to the mother. If daughter Kendra occasionally raids Chesca’s massive walk-in closet, she can’t be blamed, but over the years, she also seemed to have developed her own sophisticated-yet-fashion-forward style. The two have always shared clothes, and in May last year, they posted a ‘style swap’ vlog. “We both like fashion, so this is something we truly enjoyed doing together,” Chesca captioned the video.

Chesca and Kendra match in black tops and plaid skirt and shorts
This tandem makes casual outfits fun with matching scarves
The chilly weather does nothing for the mother and her daughters; Scarlett joins in on the layering fun

Small and Allison Laude

Vlogger and mother Small Laude has made daughter Allison a fashion maven. Their lookbooks are a masterclass in pulling off effortless yet trendy pieces. Small’s discriminating sense of fashion and penchant with luxury perfectly capture the essence of elegance: “I want to look young and dress to impress.” That certainly carries over well to Allison, who veers more on bold, printed, pops of color. Built from classic pieces from her closet, the daughter puts a twist of fun, funky, and edgy elements and details to elevate her looks.

The duo wears matching puffer jackets in different colors and styles them on their own
Small and Allison are bold and confident in their sartorial preferences—be it colors, fabric cutouts, or loud prints
Even in tennis or sports, this mother-daughter duo has to make sure they’re strutting their inner divas

Lucy and Juliana Gomez

Best friends and mother-daughter duo Lucy and Juliana have quite different sartorial tastes—while Lucy is more classic and elegant, Juliana leans to the casual and street-chic. However, that doesn’t stop them from making fashion an avenue for bonding where one can pick up some sense of style from the other.

Lucy and Juliana show that you can never go wrong with a single-color long dress when by the pool
Lucy embodies Juliana’s youthful style by matching with her—long-sleeved tops and jeans can do the work all on their own
Even in differences, this duo proves that they’re masters of their own style—Lucy in an elegant halter long gown, and Juliana in a blazer ensemble with a sheer skirt


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