5 Stylish Pinoy Dancers You Need To Know About

5 Stylish Pinoy Dancers You Need To Know About


These 5 local dancers got the moves and personal style on point.

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Every dancer needs the right outfit that creates stage presence and is comfortable enough to move in. Sometimes the outfit can be make or break it for a competing dancer. For instance, if the outfit is too tight and restricting, the dancer can’t move around. On the other hand, if an outfit utilizes bright colors and dynamic silhouettes, then it may increase the impact of a dancer’s moves.

Aside from the competitive aspect of dance, the casual street style of dance plays a huge influence to fashion today. The outfits worn by Hip Hop dancers who specialize in B-boying, Funk, and other forms of Hip Hop wear effortlessly cool garbs. In the Philippines alone, you’ll find so many stylish dancers who have great personal style. Here are 5 Filipino dancers who are currently blazing up the local dance scene with their personal styles.

Mickey Paolo Yatar
Red Bull Philippines winner at the Dance Your Style National Finals, gave everyone an exciting look during his stint at the competition. The dancer loves a fringe moment and a quirky hat to match his outfit.

April Antonette
This cute dancer loves a Y2K moment. April Antonette dresses herself in mesh tops, bralettes, baggy bottoms, and beaded gloves. She loves wearing a new outfit for her training sessions and video dance reels.

Nico Angeles
Add some prep into your step with style notes from Nico Angeles. The A-Team dancer loves wearing preppy pieces and giving it a street interpretation on how it’s supposed to be worn.

Kaiah Vargas
There’s nothing Kaia Vargas can’t do in her baggy joggers, crop tops, and high cut sneakers. She loves posting videos of her dance rehearsals in her comfortable yet stylish practice outfits.

Kristina Cabochan
If you’re looking for funk and some groove, check out Kristina Cabochan. She moves and dresses with swag. The dancer loves a retro moment by wearing a funky hat and a colorful shirt.

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