5 Things We Are Eyeing From The New Bottega Veneta By  Matthieu Blazy

5 Things We Are Eyeing From The New Bottega Veneta By Matthieu Blazy


Matthieu Blazy, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, goes back to the Italian brands roots for its latest offering––– leather.

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One could say that Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2022 Ready-to-wear collection was a success. Creative Director of Bottega Veneta, Matthieu Blazy, has been in his position for almost a year now. Since then, he has produced a number of hero products that has been seen on the arms of the world’s most fashionable and influential. We were re-introduced to the leather craftsmanship that the Italian brand has been known for over the years.

“Bottega Veneta is in essence pragmatic because it is a leather goods company. Because it specialises in bags it is about movement, of going somewhere; there is fundamentally an idea of craft in motion. It is style over fashion in its timelessness. That is part of its quiet power,” says Matthieu Blazy, Creative Director of Bottega Veneta.

Truly, we’re getting the best of both the past and present in this new collection. For its latest offering, re-imagined designs speak to the internet culture, while staying true to Bottega Veneta’s roots. Blazy’s designs have incorporated the Italian brand’s most recognizable design features and modernized it for the new market. If you’re still not sure about what to get from Matthieu Blazy’s new Bottega, then here are 5 items you should look out for from their Fall 2022 Ready-to-wear collection.

Small Kalimero

One of Matthieu Blazy’s introductions to the new Bottega is the Kalimero. It’s a single drawstring canvas pouch with the iconic intreccio leather design. This is the same leather weaving that put Bottega on the map years ago.

Large Kalimero

The Large Kalimero is a large padded intreccio leather bucket bag. It has a sliding shoulder strap with metallic ring and knotted end. It’s made of 100% lamb skin and has a muse brass finish. It’s much like the small Kalimero, but its big enough as a day bag.

Kalimero Bucket

The Kalimero Bucket is a little different from the Small and Large Kalimero. The whole bag is made out of intreccio leather. It is shaped as a bucket with a drawstring close. This version is finished with a fix mold instead of the loose leather shape of the Kalimero.

Large Pillow Pouch

The minimalistic Large Pillow Pouch from Bottega Veneta is made of 100% calfskin and embellished silver hardware. It’s the perfect arm candy for those looking for a subtle way to show luxury via handbag.

Mostra Mary-Jane Pump

Essentially, the Mostra Mary-Jane Pump is a glossy leather Mary-jane pumps. They’re a subtle nod to 80s platform heels with the oversized buckle, chunky heel and glossy finish.

To know more about the new Bottega Veneta collection by Matthieu Blazy, follow their socials on Instagram. Get more updated by subscribing to their newsletter and by checking out their website. If you’d like to check out the new pieces for yourself, then visit Bottega Veneta in Greenbelt 4.

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