5 Things You’ll Need To Get Kim Jones’ Soft Beach Waves

5 Things You’ll Need To Get Kim Jones’ Soft Beach Waves


Well-loved in the beach side and also on the red carpet, Kim Jones sports the iconic beach wave hairstyle, making her a bonfide hair icon as well! More than just an effortless ‘do, the soft beach wave is both chic and charming with almost any outfit. Whether you’re decked out in a gown or dressing down in a bikini, you best believe that Kim Jones’ soft beach waves are going to complete your look.
Itching to give Kim’s go-to hairdo a try? Search no further as we give you the 5 things you’ll need to achieve Miss Jones’ iconic tresses.

1. Daily conditioner

Wash your hair everyday with a daily conditioner and slather specifically on the tips. Keep conditioner away from your scalp to keep roots volumized and bouncy upon drying. Creamsilk Daily Conditioner in Dry Rescue, is perfect for Filipinas who are used to the tropical heatwave. Keep your hair nourished with a conditioner that stands in as a hair spa, hot-oil, and keratin treatment.

2. DIY sea-salt spray

Mix together items you can find in your cupboard and you’ve got a spray that can give you the hold and volume you’re gunning for after a few twists in a curling iron.
You’ll be needing 1 cup of hot water, 1-2 tsp of sea salt, 1 Tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of leave-in conditioner, and a dollop of pomade!

3. Large barrel curling iron

Give your curls the definition it needs with a curling iron with a larger barrel for twirling. For that effortless wave, curl your locks outwards in no more than 5 seconds per section. Finger comb the curls afterwards.

4. Wide-tooth comb

Keep your curls from tangling with a wide-tooth comb; this tool will keep your curls in place while taming your hair from going into lion mane territory.

5. Leave-on conditioner

If you’re set to hit the beach, keep your locks hydrated by innovating with a conditioner that doubles as a leave-on. Creamsilk Leave-On Creme restructures split-ends and protects your tresses from unwanted breakage.
In article images: Pinterest | Kim Jones

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