5 Times Heart Evangelista Got Real and Wacky on TikTok 

5 Times Heart Evangelista Got Real and Wacky on TikTok 


You can take the woman out of the wacky, comedic scenes, but you can’t take the wackiness out of one Heart Evangelista

There are many sides to Heart Evangelista, and we know her best today as the country’s international fashion representative. And while she takes her sartorial responsibilities seriously, her heydays as a fun and wacky actress and personality still comes out from time to time. Where does she unleash her side of hers? On TikTok, of course! 

From owning trends to showing her quirks, here are a few ways the it-girl gets real and wacky on TikTok. 

Heart Evangelista TikTok videos wacky moments
Heart naturally knows how to keep things fun and light

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The reality of taking photos with a partner

Heart has happily shared a few times that her husband, Chiz Escudero, has stepped up in his photography skills as seen on her Instagram photos. But of course, not all days are perfect; but they can still be funny! Evangelista shared a series of photos on TikTok that Chiz took of her that just quite missed what he was supposed to do. But still, props to the husband for effort! Who does better in making content for each other? We’ll let you decide.


My ♥️

♬ original sound – Heart Evangelista

A peek of her other collection

If you think that only fashion pieces make the it-girl’s heart skip a beat, think twice. Besides her extensive collection of all things luxury, she also gave us a peek of her fascination over Starbucks’ rhinestone cups. At this point, Heart can even find each piece that matches her look for the day. 

@lme85 Replying to @Ma. Christina Lee ♬ original sound – Heart Evangelista

The secret to her Paris Fashion Week energy

From back-to-back fashion shows to scheduled fittings, the Kapuso star is an unstoppable force during Fashion Week. Ever wonder how she gets by through her busy days? Through her classic baon! Taking a break from all the Parisian delicacies and pastries, Heart brings her favorite Asian snacks for that flavor of home while hustling her way in the streets of Paris. 


As a PariAsian🩶🩶🩶

♬ L'amore dice ciao (From "La matriarca – The Libertine") – Main Titles – Armando Trovajoli

Her rich girl how-to’s

How to channel Heart’s rich girl energy? You don’t need her YSL frames or her Birkin bag to do it. Take it from her to embody your expensive self through your actions, starting with your rich girl laugh. Remember: count your laughs!

@lme85 Replying to @Liah ♬ original sound – Heart Evangelista

The gimik aftermath

One of the reasons why Heart has always been a favorite of many? It’s because of her personality that remains relatable to all of us. The fashion personality has also shared her post-gimik and hangover ritual, which includes a cheat day for the body, her comfort food, and some loose shirt situation. Looks like she is really one of us, just with luxury on the side. 


Hang over meal 😇

♬ original sound – Heart Evangelista

Photos: HEART EVANGELISTA (via Instagram)

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