5 Times Janella Salvador Proved She Is Perfect To Play Valentina

5 Times Janella Salvador Proved She Is Perfect To Play Valentina


Meet primetime television’s newest Valentina, Janella Salvador. Find out why she is the perfect villain to Jane De Leon’s Darna.

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Everyone loves a villain. They’re cunning, sensual, and very stylish. They may be hated on screen, but their legacies usually live on through the iconic performances of the stars who play them. One of the most recognizable villains on Filipino television is Darna’s Valentina. The role has been taken on by silver screen legends such as: Pilita Corrales, Alessandra de Rossi, Jodi Sta. Maria, Iwa Moto, and now Janella Salvador. Each of these stars have taken their own spin on the classic super villain. Throughout the series, Valentina counters Darna in all of her actions, whether in human form or as their superhuman counterpart.
It may be a shocker to most that on screen girl next door, Janella Salvador, took on the role. Nevertheless, we were sure the young actress is ready to take on iconic role in her own way. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. She knows how to turn heads

Talk about an entrance! Janella Salvador wore a black pant with an off shoulder corset and gloves in all black. The best part? The snake wrapped around her arm.

2. She can strike a pose

Usually, Valentina’s human form, Tina, would be a very influential model, actress, or business woman. Janella’s got the role down pat with her killer star qualities.

3. She knows how to wear snakeskin

Not everyone can pull off snakeskin on the daily. Despite this, Janella shows us how it’s done by mostly wearing the animal print during her ASAP appearances.

4. She owns a pet snake

Not just one, but two pet snakes. To truly embody her role as Valentine, Janella adopted two snakes to become her household pets. She shares this milestone with her followers on Instagram.

5. She’s really a good girl in real life

It’s a known Hollywood fact that good girls make the best mean girls. Their nice personas balances out the backlash given from their performance, which makes the perfect onscreen villain.

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