5 Times Kathryn Bernardo Proved She’s a Fashion Chameleon

5 Times Kathryn Bernardo Proved She’s a Fashion Chameleon


Check out these five outfits worn by Kathryn Bernardo if you want to be a versatile fashion aficionado just like her

We’ve all got our signature style that we curated over the course of time, and it’s one that speaks a lot about our preferences and personality, making it quite difficult to stray away from more often than not. However, there are some who are daring enough to explore various ensembles and aesthetics, and we’re putting the spotlight on a Filipino celebrity who has been adventurous both in life and in fashion—Kathryn Bernardo. 

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Hippie at the beach

There’s an unspoken style rule when you’re at the beach: keep your outfits breezy and relaxed so you don’t feel too scorched under the sun. As for Kathryn, her look was very aligned with the beachside aesthetic with her all-white ensemble layered with an embroidered vest. 

kathryn bernardo

Sophisticated edginess

The actress has been recreating the clean girl aesthetic recently. It’s all about having the perfect balance between casual and elegant, and Kathryn was able to style it with a little edge. She kept it sleek by opting to wear coordinates that showed off her toned physique before completing the entire ensemble with a pair of drop earrings. 

kathryn bernardo black outfit

Playful textures

It might be a look for her upcoming movie A Very Good Girl, but this goes to show that the actress is versatile in any genre. The overall look was quite playful because of the abstract details on the button-down, which was complemented by the green tank top underneath. 

kathryn a very good girl

Hyper masculine

From the loose silhouette to the chosen accessories, there is no doubt that Kathryn can switch up her style in an effortless manner. She had on the classic wardrobe staples, like the white button-down and leather jacket, and she made her look trendy by opting to accessorise with a black tie—very Valentino of her. 

kathryn bernardo outfit

Crop and boy cuts

It’s a laid-back iteration of the hyper masculine outfit that you’d want to recreate for a lazy day. It’s both effortless and chic since she wore her low-rise knee-high white shorts with a white sports bra and button-down, complementing each piece perfectly because of the monochromatic direction. To give her look some depth, Kathryn had on her chunky black loafers to match with the black belt.

Photos: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

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