5 Times Marian Rivera Proved That She’s a Print Player

5 Times Marian Rivera Proved That She’s a Print Player


Marian Rivera’s bright and bubbly persona reflects through her clothing choices, with prints taking the forefront of her joyful aura

Maturity in sartorial decisions comes in having a solidified choice of clothing themes. As time passes by, trends can come and go, but having your own style is ever eternal. Sticking with your own fashion flavor makes people remember you, as well as eases up your retail options. And as a woman who has grown to play a number of roles to date, Marian Rivera certainly doesn’t forget to express her creativity through dressing up. 

Posh, polished, and in print—this is the way to describe her outfits for different occasions. Over the years, she has been slowly but surely owning this way of exuding her eye for art and fashion, too. Here are the ways the actress owned the print agenda: 

New Year statement

Marian wore the LV x Painted Dots Pajama Pants set for her first television guesting of 2023 with host Boy Abunda. This was the perfect ensemble to welcome the new year, not to mention Marian’s comeback announcement. 

Marian Rivera wearing LV x Painted Dots Pajama Pants set

Geometric party

A good way to make a statement is not just rocking lines and shapes, but color, too! The actress surely knew how to do both with this pink Aje dress adorned with different geometric figures. The frosted side scoop adds a touch of femininity that Marian surely adores. 

Marian Rivera wearing pink Aje dress adorned with different geometric figures

Printed pair

It goes without saying that when Marian’s love of prints is involved, it surely does include our traditional patterns. Clad in Kaayo, she and husband Dingdong Dantes attended the store’s opening well in theme for the event. 

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera

Detailed blues

The Majolica plates are known for the intricate process involved in shaping and painting them. Combining it with the Chinese porcelain painting tradition using blue and white shades, this Dolce & Gabbana dress caught Marian’s eyes for sure! 

Marian Rivera Majolica print Dolce & Gabbana dress

Flora rosa

For her birthday last year, the actress wore a floral off-shoulder Giambattista Valli dress that matched her glowing aura. Even on her special day, Marian just couldn’t get enough of prints!

Marian Rivera wearing floral off-shoulder Giambattista Valli dress

Photos from MARIAN RIVERA (via Instagram)

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