5 Times Maris Racal Proved She’s One of the Funniest Celebrities Online

5 Times Maris Racal Proved She’s One of the Funniest Celebrities Online


Maris Racal may be the sharp-tongued Irene Tiu on screen, but on social media, she’s the funniest and most relatable person ever.

Tagged often as the “Queen of Memes,” Maris isn’t afraid to show her fun and quirky side on the internet. The ‘millennial Twitter queen’ is a natural charmer on her platforms, and her humor speaks to all kinds of Filipino audiences. While admiring her trademark acting and amazing chemistry with Anthony Jennings’ Snoop on Can’t Buy Me Love and waiting for her lead role as Sunshine in Gymnast, we’re also laughing at her funniest tweets and posts from irenetube, her Instagram broadcast channel. There’s no question as to why Maris Racal is so well-loved by the nation as her generation’s brightest stars.

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The Bayonetta Glasses

The Y2K resurgence this year includes the famous Bayonetta glasses. Whether or not you need to wear them for vision purposes or just enjoy accessorizing with faux lenses, they’re the must-have style everyone has in their rotation this year—including Maris. However, in one tweet, she said she achieved ‘school registrar-core’ instead, and then she interacted with BINI’s Maloi in the other as a reference to the group’s new lead single, Salamin, Salamin. (Even Maris streams BINI. Stream BINI.)

Maris’s ‘Studious’ Era

Her viral pictures of acting ‘studious’ as she writes in her 2024 journal circulated around X with almost 9 million views. Scrolling through the quotes is a humor feast with the netizens adding their own twist to the meme.

Irenetube as her diary…when she doesn’t forget about it or her password

We see Maris keyboard smashing on her Instagram broadcast channel as she fangirled because she was right next to Sandara Park, photos with her nephew wrapped up…unusually and titled ‘A mother’s story’ (in reference also to Irene and Snoop panicking about possibly being pregnant), and also monitoring her titles and saying goodbye to her ‘Asia’s Songbird’ goal.

Proud and relatable TikTok moments

Maris also isn’t afraid to unravel comedic roles on TikTok. Although she has already proven her caliber as an actress and singer-songwriter, her videos on TikTok allow her to freely show off a humorous and fun side that isn’t often seen. 


‘Henny’ is now the new slang word for friends calling friends. Don’t worry, Maris. You weren’t alone!

Photos and Featured Image: MARIS RACAL (Via X)

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