5 Times Solenn Heusaff Showed Off Her Filipino Roots

5 Times Solenn Heusaff Showed Off Her Filipino Roots


Solenn Heusaff shows off her Filipino roots in more ways than one!
It’s nothing new to Solenn Heusaff whenever people say that she (and her brother Erwan) are not Filipinos. Solenn shared that it was not something they can’t control and added that they just choose to ignore them. At an event, Solenn states that being half Filipino doesn’t make anyone less Filipino than those who are 100% Filipinos. But when a certain Jose Mario Alas calls her out for the statement, Solenn this time responds:

And Solenn never fails to deliver. She shows off the Filipino pride not only through thoughts and words but also through her deeds! Check out 5 ways Solenn Heusaff proudly showed off her Filipino roots:

Through her art

Many of you who follow Solenn probably already know that she paints. Using this powerful tool as her medium to express and give back, Solenn takes inspiration from the mundane Philippines rather than the fabulous lifestyle we see in magazines. She doesn’t only turn photographs into masterpieces, she chooses to interact with these people to fully capture and convey a meaningful message to the world. Solenn also gives a part of her sales to charity to help the less-fortunate.

She just never stops learning

Solenn shows off her adventurous side many times through her social media posts. But what stands out are her takeaways from each adventure. Without hesitation, Solenn shares everything she learns from trips, meeting new people, and doing new things! And it doesn’t seem like she will stop any time soon. With a lot more she could do and many more places to explore, we can expect a lot more learnings from Solenn.

When she cooks Filipino food

Solenn and Erwann were once bashed for putting their own twist to Bicol Express but the siblings are unfazed by the intrepid people of the internet. Both grew up eating Filipino food and admits that it’s something they can never say no to. Solenn continues to show her love for Filipino food while adding her own twists to it. Just like her own version of congee with Adlai and quinoa for the twist!

Her fashion collaborations

This lady doesn’t stop at art and food. She also uses fashion as a medium to show everyone how Filipino she is. In her collaboration with sister Vanessa and designer Mia Arcenas, Solenn worked on designs that illustrate Filipino culture. The project aims to connect with Filipino across the globe asking everyone to embrace the race, culture, and Filipino identity no matter where they are. Solenn also worked with Filipino brand Our Tribe for a collection of fanny packs.

Every single time she shows off the beauty of the Philippines

If you follow Solenn, you probably know that she loves to travel. Not only overseas but within our beautiful country. And she never stops boasting about the beauty of our country. From her Vigan trip to a meaningful journey on Samar, Solenn knows just how to show our country’s aesthetics matched with her beauty and style. Solenn Heusaff and hubby Nico Bolzico also graced the May 2018 cover of Lifestyle Asia shot at Pulilan Farm in Bulacan.

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