5 Tinted Lip Balms From Filipino Beauty Brands That You Can Easily Wear All Summer Long

5 Tinted Lip Balms From Filipino Beauty Brands That You Can Easily Wear All Summer Long


In this dry climate, our lips are extra sensitive so they require some TLC. Here are some tinted lip balms from five Filipino makeup brands.

With summer approaching, the sun and the heat can do some damage on the skin of your lips. What sits between a hydrating balm and lipstick is a new must-have in your makeup bag: tinted lip balms. A few swipes will do the trick of making your lips pop with a touch of color while keeping them hydrated all day. This way, you’re perfectly made up without neglecting your lip care. Here’s a roundup of some tinted lip balms from five Filipino brands.

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1. Happy Skin Lip Slip

A weightless lip balm that prevents dry flakes and chapped skin? Count us in. The caring formula of the Happy Skin Lip Slip includes Kaha Oil and other ingredients that deeply hydrate. A few glides of this gives you a quick, nourishing boost that has you sporting smooth, soft lips with a nice tint. Any of their five shades will complete your everyday look. 

2. GRWM Cosmetics Lip Booze

This tinted lip balm offers a thin layer to protect, repair, and give your lips a subtle hint of color all at the same time. This ‘high-shine finish’ gives you the perfect combination of a pop of color, unlimited hydration, and never-ending softness.

3. Issy Solar Balm Glow and Issy Solar Balm Natural

The balmy texture and subtle shimmer of Issy Solar’s elevates your look more than a lip balm would. This product is a hybrid sunscreen lip balm with two kinds of finishes—natural and glow, each with 4 shades. You’ll never run out of options, and the shades are a perfect middle ground and visible enough to make a statement if a bold, defined lip color isn’t your thing. 

4. Sunnies Face Lip Treat

This balm glides easily on the lips with its rich, hydrating texture, and makes every application a pleasure. The buttery formula of nourishing and natural ingredients gives a subtle shine to your lips and comes in six shades for a smooth pop of color.

5. Téviant SHE BALM!

Finally, this combined tinted lip serum and balm is made with four ingredients: shea butter, soybean glycerides, hyaluronic acid, and castor oil. The SHE BALM! gives your lips moisture and hydration just in time for summer, and flattering, buildable shades of pink, nude, and red.


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