7 Tips on How to Prepare For Stadium Concerts

7 Tips on How to Prepare For Stadium Concerts


Is there a stadium concert you’ll be attending soon? Check out these five tips on how you can prepare yourself beforehand and prevent getting stressed on the day of the event

Attending stadium concerts can be the most exhilarating and exhausting experience for any fan. The aura, energy, and performance is intensified, and it gets crazy before the concert even starts. So why should we plan ahead for stadium concerts in particular? A major factor is that you’ll be dealing with the heat since it’s an open air venue, and the activations can span across the whole area, which might be overwhelming for some. 

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So whether it’s your first time or you’ve had history with these types of venues, here are a few tips that can help you in preparing for a stadium concert. 

Be informed 

It’s automatic for the organizers to post anything about the upcoming concert. From bus schedules, activity spots, to queuing guides, you should always stay on top of the latest updates. Think of this as the start of your preparation so that you won’t get disoriented when the day comes.

Review the guidelines

As mentioned, guidelines are often posted months before the concert, and it’s a must for you to review them carefully. There are several clauses that might affect your section, and you wouldn’t want to stress about it on the day itself. On top of that, you can always try to reach out to a staff member regarding a few regulations that can help your case if an incident ever occurs. Remember, you paid for your ticket, and it’s only right for you to fight for what’s included in your package. 

Plan ahead

There’s an option for fans to avail shuttle bus accommodations if you’re unable to bring your own transportation. In any case, it would be best for you to plot your activities before the trip. This is to make sure that you get to go to the activations without having to worry about missing out on your ticket verification. 

Dress for the section

If you think about it, the temperature can vary depending on the area you chose. If you’re on the bleachers, the odds are in your favor since it will get windy during the night. However, the story is different if you’re in the pits, where you’ll be squeezing in with the crowd, so you’ll definitely feel the heat all throughout, so make sure to wear the clothes that aren’t just fitting for the concert you’ll be attending, but also ones that will bring the utmost comfort. 

Bring back-up clothes

Keep in mind that it’s an open air venue, and the risk of the weather changing is higher than usual. You can bring an extra top just in case it gets too hot, or pack a raincoat if the weather forecast says there’s a chance of rain. Either way, having back-up clothes in your bag is a win-win situation. 

Know the location

When we say know the location, we actually mean that you should take note of the comfort rooms and the exits. It’s crucial that you know these because there is a tendency for it to be overcrowded in certain areas, and it usually gets disorganized after the concert. Also, knowing your way out of the stadium is important, because many people have experienced getting misdirected to certain places. 

Always hydrate

Stories of fans getting lightheaded or even fainting during a concert is common, but it’s something that can be avoided. While we’re hoping that the rule of bringing in water bottles is not allowed will be removed for future stadium concerts, it would be better to constantly hydrate yourself before you step in the concert grounds, just in case.


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