5 Universal Lessons From Pia Wurtzbach and Ariadna Gutiérrez’s Reunion

5 Universal Lessons From Pia Wurtzbach and Ariadna Gutiérrez’s Reunion


In a much-awaited pageant moment, the former Miss Universe 2015 contestants finally step into the spotlight together, leaving us with crown-worthy life lessons

In a truly captivating encounter, Pia Wurtzbach and Ariadna Gutiérrez found themselves in the same space once more, this time amid the glamorous backdrop of Paris Fashion Week. What initially appeared as a mere mix-up during the crowning ceremony of Miss Universe 2015 soon transformed into a profound tale, teeming with poignant reflections that strike a chord within each and every one of us. In light of this beautiful encounter, here are some of the lessons that can be gleaned from the reunion of these exceptional women.

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Dazzling under pressure

Pia Wurtzbach and Ariadna Gutiérrez’s Reunion

The first thing we can take from Pia and Ariadna is the value of staying calm and collected under pressure. Their ability to navigate the high-stakes environment with such grace serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of remaining composed, even in the most trying of times. Though undoubtedly disheartened by the unfortunate turn of events, they have chosen to conquer the turbulent waters with class and dignity for years, refusing to let disappointment define their journey.

Healing takes time

One of the most touching moments as their destinies gracefully intertwined was when they posed together for a series of photographs. While it was never put out there that these two women had a conflict, this interaction reminds us of the healing power of letting go of grudges and how it can lead to emotional growth and stronger, more meaningful relationships. As the former Miss Colombia graced her Instagram story with a caption, “When time makes sure you meet the right people once again,” we couldn’t help but be captivated by the beauty of this interaction.

Pageant of triumph over setbacks

Miss Universe 2015

The path to the coveted Miss Universe title for these women was defined by a display of determination and resilience. In the aftermath of the highly anticipated competition, Pia, undeterred by the naysayers and critics, embarked on a noble mission to champion the causes that resonated deeply within her soul. Meanwhile, Ariadna fearlessly forged her path in the world of modeling, unfazed by the unfortunate circumstances that had befallen her. Their stories display that life’s journey is often peppered with unforeseen obstacles. Yet, armed with resolve, they demonstrate that these setbacks need not define us. Instead, they can be conquered, serving as stepping stones towards our ultimate triumph.

The beauty of a comeback

After a long and arduous journey spanning nearly a decade, this reconnection serves as a testament that there is absolutely no shame in wholeheartedly embracing the concept of second chances for it has the potential to unlock new avenues for personal development and redemption. Who knows? Maybe we will soon witness the presence of Ariadna as a guest on Pia’s podcast, The Queen.

Reigning with empowerment

Pia and Ariadna spotted together

And finally, the grand reunion showcased the remarkable strength of sisterhood. Over the course of time, devoted fans have persistently engaged in the timeless debate, ceaselessly drawing comparisons between these women. Rather than succumbing to the age-old narrative of rivalry, these queens made a conscious decision to support each other, showing that nothing is stronger than women joining forces and championing one another’s success.


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