5 Ways You Can Slay On Laundry Day

5 Ways You Can Slay On Laundry Day


What’s the real mark of an independent woman? Running the wash and slaying laundry day of course! For the real stylista, it’s one thing to conquer clothes during a shopping spree, but the challenge lies inside the laundry room. On lazy Sundays, power women go through load after load, caring for their beloved clothes with the gentlest garment care.
Girls who truly love fashion know that TLC is the way to go when the laundry basket gets full. Here’s the 411 on how to care for all your clothes from delicates to the intricate pieces for nights out.

1. Easy on the fabric conditioner.


Choose a fabric conditioner that emits a fresh perfume smell that boosts your mood with just one whiff. Go for Champion Happy Scents for subtle fragrances that lifts your mood to delight you from day to night.

2. Protect your delicates.

Invest in a protective lingerie bag that seals all your undies together in the machine. This heaven-sent keeps your lacy tops and bralettes from snagging with other zippers and hooks (you’re welcome!).

3. Divide and conquer: lights from darks.


The tricky part comes in when you have to separate your light garments from deep dark colors. Avoid stains and unwanted light pink clothing by keeping  your reds away from your creamy white garb.

4. Use gentle products minus the chalk.


Use a quality laundry detergent that your clothes deserve! Keep your garb from looking dull by choosing a detergent that doesn’t dull out your garb with chalk material. Champion Supra Clean dissolves entirely and keeps the original vibrance of your wardrobe.

5. You can now indoor-dry clothes in peace.


Don’t have the luxury of a dryer or a backyard for your clothes to hang loose? Worry no more now that cleaning technology has made indoor drying more possible for small spaces. Champion Indoor Dry detergent air dries garment faster. – the technology of Indoor Dry is that there are ingredients that prevent the growth of malodor-causing bacteria, especially on moist clothing when dried indoors.
Certify your claim to full-blown adulting by slaying laundry day! Start making your grocery list and don’t forget to check twice by including Champion detergent to the mix. Visit the site here and get into the habit of giving your clothes the best for TLC (don’t forget to add water!).

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